Page 7 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
I'm like Johnny Abbass. I'm taking this picture. Now, you stand over there." (But what do you mean by that? Say that a little differently.) Well, if you pay attention sometimes when you're out--let's say a sporting event or a so? cial event or something-- someone will stand up and take a picture. And when they take their picture, someone that's there with them says, "Who do you think you are?--Johnny Abbass?" Because, you know, as we started to take pictures, and our business became established, we'd be eve? rywhere taking pictures. And I was the one who did most of the pho tographs outside. Tony and George, they did most of the inside photography. So, wherev? er I'd go. they'd say, "Here comes Johnny Abbass." So after awhile, people started to relate taking pictures to Johnny Abbass. I'll tell you a little incident, little story. My daughter was on holiday down with some of her friends, down south--her and her husband. And one of her friends kept getting up, taking pictures. And eve? ry time she'd take a picture, she'd say, "I'm Johnny Abbass." So after she did this about half a dozen times or so. just sort of as a lark, my daughter said. "Look, you know, you're taking my name in vain." She said, "Your name is not Abbass. You're married to Les Young." "Yes, but," she said, "Johnny Abbass is my father." She said, "There's no such a person as Johnny Abbass! That's just something people say when they take pictures!" But an3rway, we came back from the war. We opened up a business of our own. Right here. Northside Tire Ltd. Route 105, Trans-Canada Hwy BRAS D'OR 4 Miles West of Newfoundland Ferry Res.: 539-4564 • Pager: 562-3635! Business: 544-0150 TIRES 'Wl DISC or MOUNTED FREE W' drum brakes COMPUTERIZED 2-& 4-wheel alignmeot WHEEL BALANCING Car'daslxadin, NOVA.SCOT1A IS Keltic Loc'e on Cape Breton Isl Nova Scotia. i'Lua ia.ffc''''??'' Our autumn will leave you spell-bound... in a spectacular sea of colour. Journey to the northern tip of our sea-washed province-magical Cape Breton. Where Nature sets our island trees ablaze in fiery reds and coppers to emerald greens and celestial golds. And what better way to touch Nature's coat of many colours than on a drive over the dramatic Cabot Trail. This year, harvest the delights of an autumn in Cape Breton. Call 1-800-565-0000 (ask for operator CJ 92) and request your free 1991 Nova Scotia Travel Guide- Canada's most complete provincial travel guide. CAraBREK' Island Please send me a Nova Scotia Travel Guide and information about Nova Scotia. Mail to: Nova Scotia Tourism and Culture P.O.Box 130 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2M7 CJ92 Postal Code _ Telephone _
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