Page 10 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
Another spectacular fire was when the Courthouse burned down (photos on opposite page). See, at that time, I think I was in an aircraft somewhere, doing some aerial photography. And we saw this smoke off in the distance. So we came by with the air? plane. We took a couple of photographs. Then I came down, and I went down and took pictures of the Courthouse burning down. Do you know where the Courthouse was? The existing post office, or what was the post office--the federal building down there INTRODUCING HYUNDAI'S ALL NEW SURPRISE FOR 1991 THE FIRST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY IS THE START OF THE LOVE AFFAIR. AND ITS PERFORMANCE LIVES UP TO ITS LOOKS. "TEST DRIVE ONE TODAY." HYunoni "Where the smart money goes" i AROCXSCHIO / AUTO -j'.% A. ' Ml (on Dorchester Street). Well, it was right back of that. The parking lot is on that site now. Car accidents. Train wrecks. I did a lot of photographs, for instance, when they were building the Canso Causeway. It was a large-scale project of construction. But we'd photograph that from time to time. We'd do that on our own. Or sometimes they would be wanting to do a feature story; they'd say, "Look. Go get us 2 or 3 pic- ~~ |tures of that construction site there." Like, the newspaper would be run? ning a special edition, what they call "In? dustrial Edi? tion." Where they'd have a story about every business in the commu? nity. They'd want a photo? graph of every business. Or they might have what they'd call an edition for Education 34 STATE STREET SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA P.O. BOX 728 B1P6H7 539-4711
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