Page 16 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
no, not that, but--we had to rake--make a little pile. And then the next morning you go there and took it all apart. And then, after the noon, you go and turn it on the other side. And then at 2 o'clock you had to make another pile. Oh, it was hard. Minnie to Rosie: J'passions derri're la charette avec les p'tits rateaux. Le sang te sortait icitte, entre les doigts. Pis li faulait que tu fus dans les carr's. Pat envoyait des fourchet's de foin dans les carr's et faulait les 6parrer. Tu sortais de li, c'est pareil comme si t'avals sorti d'un ruisseau. (Rosie: Et je pense que tu travaillais dans les jardins?) Oui, ar- racher des patates avec une tranche. J'avions un grand jardin. Faulait planter et esherber. Une ann'e Pat avait mil qua- tre cents (1004) choux-tous quatre i cinq livres chaque. C'6tait beau i ou're. J'les vendions cinquant livres pour deux pias? tres et demie, pis asteur tu paies ga pour un choux. Now anyone in Nova Scotia can call us and speak freely. TOLL FREE 1-424-5593 in Mainland Nova Scotia TOLL FREE 1-563-2444 in Cape Breton Xhe Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the introduction of toll-free service to our Halifax and Sydney offices. V-lients and employers wishing to check the status of a claim or receive any information can now do so from anywhere in Nova Scotia, free of charge. Just pick up the phone and dial 1-424-5593. in mainland Nova Scotia, and 1-563-2444, in Cape Breton. WeV ire're always at your service. So when you want to caU us, feel free. Now more than ever, it pays to belong! J WORKERS' I COMPmATKM j BOARD OF Now Scotia 5668 South Street, Post Office Box 1150, Halifax. Nova Scotia B3J 2Y2 Telephone: (902) 424-8440 Sydney Medical Arts Building, 3 36 Kings Road, Suite 117, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIS 1A9 Telephone: (902) 563-2444 (Rosie: Well, your wed? ding day. When you talk about your wedding day, you seem to sparkle.) My wedding day, it was --not like now, I tell you. Oh, my gosh, it was the 17th of Janu? ary. It was cold. And we had rain, and the snow was gone. So we had to get married with a horse-and-wagon. We had to go 3 miles to church. Our church--the church that burned. St. Joseph's Church (at St. Joseph du Moine). I got married in a blue suit, and a hat. And that night I had the white dress. Now they get married with a white dress. But not me. It was so cold, I couldn't get married in a white dress. (Rosie: Was it the tradition to wear your wedding dress at night, not for the day.) No, it was so cold. There was no heat in the church, only a little stove. It was so cold. So I got married in the blue suit, and a hat. And then at night, I had a white dress on. (Rosie: Was this a long white wedding gown?) Yeah. It was not like now! But it was a white dress, anyway. The house was full. We had dinner at my place (first)--my father's place. And then we had supper at my husband's place. (CBM: Did they dance in the house?) Oh, yes. They danced all night. (Rosie: Drank moon? shine?) Oh, if it was moonshine or rum, I
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