Page 23 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
8 or 9 women would get together at your house, would they be doing just your wool that day?) Yeah. (Then, another day, the 8 or 9 would go to another house?) Yes. (And spin her wool.) Yes. (Where was your loom?) Upstairs. It was big. There were only two bedrooms and the other was all in one. So it was big enough to put the loom there. It was as big as the table there. And it was high. (Rosie: And who made your loom?) Well, it was some people from--they were staying on the mountain there. Old people. (CBM: Are these the people at Pembroke Lake?) Yes, yes. They were English, anyway. I had heard they were Scotch. They were making everything--barrels and.... (Did you ever see the people from Pembroke Lake when they would be coming in?) Oh, yes. They came to the church, down to the church here. Every Sunday, they walked to the church. Our church. (Oh, they were Catholic.) Oh, yes. Everybody went (to Pembroke Lake) to buy some of it. If they want something. Because they made every? thing. You know, they made little tubs for butter.... When you make butter, you had (to have) a little tub to put it in, after you made the butter. (And they made looms--that's interesting. I had heard that they made the butter tubs, and I heard they made barrels. And I think a kind of basket--I think, but I'm not sure.) Oh, yes, they were making bas? kets, yes. Potato baskets, and the big po? tato basket. We have one yet. (Did you ever go out to Pembroke Lake?) I went there, but they were gone in that time. We went there for a drive, but there was nobody there when I went there. (No? body lives there today.) No. Oh, no. (Rosie: Do you remember the very first car?) I think so, because my uncle--I was down home. I was down, and my uncle was home. And I said to my uncle, "My God, there's something passing the road--I don't know what's that!" I was so scared! I didn't know--it was a car! I didn't know what it was. I told my uncle, "I don't know what's that, but I'm scared!" Minnie Over 70 Stores & Services Every Last Thursday of Each Month Is SENIORS DAY Enjoy Tea & Cake in the Marks & Spencer Court 800 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, N.S. B1P 6S9 laughs. I said to my uncle, "What's that? I think it was the devil!" Laughs. (CBM: I'm sure you weren't alone in thinking that. Did you bless yourself when you saw your first car pass?) Oh, no--no, no. I never thought of that! After that I knew. My uncle told me it was a car. He said, "Don't be afraid, it won't touch you." I can't remember the first time (I rode in a car). At first, I was so car? sick. Oh, my God. (Rosie: Minnie was telling me that two of my aunts (Minnie's children) and a friend of the family were walking home from where my grandfather's brother lived. And they IKE'S GOURMET DELICATESSEN ESTABUSHED SINCE 1950 Your Cheese & Gourmet Shop i'J LARGE VARIETY OF DELI-SANDWICHES • IMPORTED FOODS • CANDY • CHEESES & SMOKED MEATS • FRUIT & CHEESE BASKETS 564-8421 413 Chariotte St. • Sydney Hertz 24 HOUR SERVICE - 7 DAYS A WEEK 1430 George St. Sydney, N. S. 539-1538 539-5623 Sydney Airport • FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE • FEATURING LATEST MODEL CARS, TRUCKS, & 4-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES • LOCAL PICKUP and DELIVERY To Reserve a Car Anywtjere in ttie World CALL TOLL FREE. 1-800-263-0600 The #1 way to rent a car.
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