Page 82 - Mary E. Blatchford's Letter from Beinn Bhreagh, 1891
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
long it would take to understand the whole sermon, for I felt that I knew the spirit of Haggis already. On Monday morning Gardiner paddled me over for the third and last service, and al? though I heard them sing five or six times, I could not tell whether it was the same music or not, nor could I carry the strain from one verse to another. It was most singular. Coming home we found the school teacher from Beaver Cove, Mr. MacKinnon, whom Mr. Bell and Lena went to see, had come in a schooner, bringing two little deaf girls with him, sweet little ceatures who were wild over the flowers and one of them kept saying "pretty, pretty," with an ecstatic sigh. They all stayed to dinner and we found Mr. MacKinnon a very interesting man besides being charming to look at, tall, dark, slender, with fine eyes and a well- cut mouth and beautiful teeth. He spoke NOW AT 229 Kings Road SYDNEY Motor Cycle Shop 539-7644 • 539-1730 HOIWDA Power rOURTRAX?300 • Full-time 4-wheel drive • Ultra-low first gear for heavy loads • Wide-ratio 5-speed transmission with reverse single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke engine CrRX30(MX4) PEMBROKE CONSTRUCTION 23 McKeen St., GLACE BAY, Nova Scotia • ??" General Contractors Specializing in New Home Construction and __ , Commercial 1' ''M''''St Construction • Renovations • Roofing • Siding • Cabinets • Additions Participating in the 5-Year New'r* FRIENDLY"!: Home Warranty Program ' SERVICE REG'D BUILDER #01-0392 I BSSSBSSi Call today 849-5587 SYDNEY No. 539-2530 Call today 849-1121 English slowly and carefully and as if his thoughts were running faster and in anoth? er tongue, and I remembered my "Haggis" and asked him what it was. He looked puz? zled and shook his head, and did not know what it might be. But I insisted upon it that the minister used it all the time; it was "Haggis" this and "Haggis" the other, and "Haggis" again and again. And there came a twinkle in his grave eyes and with a gentle laugh he said, "Oh! you mean 'ah- geese,' it means and!" (Note: the correct Gaelic spelling is "agus.") After dinner Sarah, the housemaid, was called and told to talk Irish to Mr. Mac? Kinnon's Gaelic. It was pretty to see them, they were so well matched, and the Irish and Gaelic did fairly well together. I always call Sarah "The Empress," she is so fine looking and has such a majestic tread; she has a sweet smile and handsome teeth and she made such a picture standing before Mr. MacKinnon with her head thrown back, half-shy, half-amused, and he a great deal more than half-shy. Our guests left us at four and then we hur? ried to accept an invitation to see some weaving, on the other side of the lake at the McNeil's. Mr. McCurdy rowed Mabel, Miss True, and me over, and then we climbed the hill over the pasture to the little white? washed cottage and found Mr. MacNeil out? side. He is one of the men from whom Mr. Bell bought land and in particular the spot where the house stands and the spring of wa? ter, and he feels injured and that he was cheated, and if he had known there was "pow? er" in the water, he would not have sold it so cheap. He thinks Mr. Bell used his scien? tific knowledge to discover the power in that stream, and when Mr. Bell shows him quite as fine a stream on the farm he bought with Mr. Bell's money, he shakes his head and says there is no "power" there, it's nothing but rain water. However, he was pleased to see us and took us into a sitting room ornamented with heads of the royal Glace Bav Hiahwav, Svdnev. N. S. "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT' Opening Race Day: ' Final Race Day: May 26,1991 • End of September ; REGULAR RACING SCHEDULE EVERY WEEKEND' SIX SPECIAL EVENTS: MASCAR Racing Tractor Pulls Mud Racing Demolition Derbies Stunt Drivers Motorcycle Racing CALL 564-5464
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