Page 89 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
Columbus. Or the Legion. Or the Yacht Club. Or the president of the Royal Bank of Canada is coming into town tonight by plane. We want his picture to be on the front page tomorrow." But through the night, if there was a bad accident, they'd call those fellows out to do the engraving. They'd be there at 3 o'clock, I'd have to be out taking a picture. I'd have to show up at the paper at 4 o'clock with the pictures. (And these bad accidents-- say an automobile accident. How did they hit you person? ally?) Oh, I didn't like them.... I'd go, but--you know, I'd be there as quick as I could, and I'd just size up that scene and I'd make the photograph. I didn't want to see those Can people laying on the sidewalk. And people would see me coming to photograph--they don't say this today--"Here comes that guy, he's bloodthirsty. Soon as there's an acci? dent...." I said, "Listen. I don't like this any more than you like it. But," I said, "this deserves to be reported, so people will understand what happens, when they drive recklessly, or if they're drink? ing and driving." I said, "That's my job." Like, one time--steel plant was on strike. So I went into the union hall to take some pictures. When I got in there, a well-known person started to berate me, "You're not making money off of this here strike! You get the hell out of here, Abbass," and all this stuff. So one guy said, "Just a minute there." He called the fellow by name. He said, "Look, we're on strike," he said, "to make a better living. And here you're try? ing to stop this man from doing his work. Work that he's doing to make a living. The readers tell us the date and location of this fire? See page 96. kind of thing we're fighting for, you're trying to stop him." He said, "Button up," he said. "Go ahead. Take what you want," he said. The guy just about died. But I thought that was pretty good. And I know that guy very well. And I've told him a number of times, said, "You told me some? thing that I really didn't know myself, and I really wouldn't have thought of...." There was a big, big shipwreck out there at --I think it's Framboise--the Marshall Frank. And I went out there about 4 o'clock in the afternoon to get a picture. And it was a dead calm. In fact as we got there. NEW AND/OR EXISTING BUSINESS We Offer Financial & Technical Assistance. For More Information, Please Call Our Office: Oceanside Assistance Group Limited 17 Commercial Street • Glace Bay, NS B1A 389 Tel. 849-0544 THE TREASURE COVE GIFTS AND HANDCRAFTS High quality gifts and crafts from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and abroad 1-902-564-8158 Children's books and toys - pre-school to 12 years 1-902-539-3035 Open Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Thurs.-Fri. until 9 74 Townsend St., Sydney. N. S. B1P 5C8 Gas Tank Replacements & Repairs For Personal Efficient Service: Call 564-6699 Sydney Radiator 20 Years a Family Business 2 Years Warranty on All Parts * We Accept VISA & MASTERCARD New Heaters & Radiators or Repairs 121 Prince Street, Sydney We Service and Ship Anywhere on Cape Breton island
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