Page 92 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
weren't burned, though, they were just more like asphyxiated. I went to the morgue and there were 8 of them laying right out there like--just like an abat? toir. Didn't take the picture. The coroner was there, he said, "You don't want to bother with that. It's disgusting." But, you know, by the same token--in hind? sight, there's no record of that...event. There may be--the Mounties may have a pic? ture. But in lots of instances when you didn't take a picture because you thought it was too gruesome or this and that--now there's no record. You know? Like say of a hanging. You know--no picture of a hang? ing. So now they can say, "Well, people were never hung--that's only in fiction. rt's only in print they say they hung A PART OF YOUR FAMILY FOR OVER 25 YEARS them." (Or at least they can suggest it wasn't as gruesome as it really was.) Yeah, either way, yeah. (So you think those records are impor? tant.) Oh, sure they are. Sure they are. Absolutely. All those things. You know. In another 5 years, we'll never know there was a coke oven plant here. Like in the coal strike, when the miners were really aggressive. I'd show up there. Some of them would get after me, and I'd say, "No. You can't do that. You know. You're on strike," I said, "but I'm here and I'm doing my job," I said, "and that's what's going to happen. You know, you're not going to stop me, there's no way that you're going to interfere with me. You wouldn' n'ffialxeakfixxnl your dxxes with Kmbud'Hied Chicken! Kentud' Fried Chicken is a great reason (or taking a break from any chores. Because it's so convenient Always reat your yard-worlc. basement cleaning or window' washing! Kentucky Fried Chicken is economical, too. And it's finger lickin... good chicl(en! K'dtncl'likiedCliicksii CHICKEN CHALET LTD. FIVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: D 2A STERLING ROAD D 109 KING STREET North Sydney • 794-3534 inside seating available • PLUS drive through D CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA Sydney River • 564-6646 inside seating available D SYDNEY SHOPPING CENTRE Prince St., Sydney • 564-6322 Glace Bay • 849-6689 inside seating available D PLUMMER AVENUE New Waterford • 862-2111 inside seating available allow me to interfere with you in your job." I'm talking about a coal miner.... There'd be no situation where I'd have to be scared. I'll tell you what was worse, where you'd have more dif? ficulty, and you'd be more likely to get hurt, was at a sporting event. You know, go to one of those hockey games, and you'd be behind the penalty box, when those guys are having a fight there. And if they see you taking a picture, in that fit of anger that they're in, they might hit you with their hockey stick! Really, we started modestly, in photog? raphy, after the war. Then, later on --oh, probably about 10 years after we were in business, we decided we would go into assembly-line processing. We built a new plant, and put in all the latest, up-to-date, modern equipment, to do as? sembly-line photo- finishing. That was black-and-white. That's all that was available. There was no such thing as a private studio or a
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