Page 4 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
someone for 16 years, is it easy to part?) Oh, yeah. You know, you don't get that in? timate, you know what I mean. You like them and you work for them, but you--it's a different life altogether. It's almost like going to the convent. So, I was home then for nearly a year, or part of a year, before the place was ready at Westmount, and I went there. Looked af? ter the priests. But I had another girl with me, a girl I knew from Passchendaele. I took her with me as a helper. And I was there-- oh, I was there until my brother died at home (at lona Rear), and I had to come home to help. He told me before he died that he wanted me to go home. You know, to help. My mother was a widow then, and she was old. Sadie MacNeil. Mungie's sister: I was home. Mungie: Yeah. But he said you weren't capa? ble of looking after the farm! Congratulations to Cape Breton's Magazine on its 20th Anniversary! From your friends at Bank of Montreal. Ashby 562-5586 Cabot House 562-9520 Glace Bay 849-5524 Port Hawkesbury 625-1250 Sydney Main Office 562-9500 Joe's Warehouse The Food Emporium Cape Breton's Largest and Finest Restaurant Specializing in Aged Prime Cuts of Roast Beef and Steal
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