Page 5 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
that's where the bishop put him, with Fr. MacKinnon, because he thought he'd have an easier life. And Fr. Hughie Allan was there at the time. And he was always pound? ing on the piano. There was some? thing going on all the time, so I guess the bishop thought it would be a good place for (Fr, Dolhanty). He was kind of down in the dumps, you know, and not feeling too well. And he weighed 125 pounds--the poor little young fellow. (And so your role in his case was more like a mother.) Well, I did whatever I could for him. I said, "Never mind. Father. By Easter you'll be weighing 140." And he was! Mungie laughs. He came in January. He'll tell that story himself yet. (Did you worry for these priests?) No. The only time I'd worry, if they went on a sick call in the wintertime, and the roads were slippery or anything like that. And if they weren't back at a reasonable hour, I used to worry about them. (All those years with priests, the role that you're playing--with the exception of having children and things like that--is very much like being a wife. Or is it not?) It was and it wasn't. It wasn't the same at all. You didn't have the worry. You didn't have the worry of bringing up a family, you know. I think that's a big worry, small children. And then when they're starting to grow up and leave home, and you worry about them. (You were spared that.) I was spared that, yeah.... It was a very carefree life in ing with a priest, you know.... way I found it, anyway. I way, liv- That's the (If there was work in heaven...!) I'd take that! (Is that the job you would like to have?) I think so, yeah! But now this Fr. Chisholm, did you know him? John Archie. He was killed in a car Working togeflier for a strong economy. And a strong country. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency believes that one of the keys to national unity is a strong economy. By reinforcing the region's spirit of entrepreneurship, ACOA is working towards restoring the confidence of Atlanti' Canadians in their economic future and the unity of the country. Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Agencede promotion ecunomique du Canada atlantique Canad;
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