Page 9 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
(There were a lot of young children years ago dying, in the country.) In infancy. (What was the greatest cause of that?) I don't know. I don't know. There was no doctor available in the wintertime, it was awful. A lot of them died, almost at birth. They were born alive, but they'd usually die. I don't know if it was the fault of the midwife or what. I don't know. But we--we had a little sister that died. She was younger than Sadie. She was born on Christmas Day. And there was this mid? wife, she came. And they said that she cut the cord too short, they couldn't stop the bleeding. She bled to death.... They couldn't stop it. And it was the win? tertime. There were no cars then. And the lake was frozen in, and no boat. They just couldn't get a doctor in time (from Bad- deck). She was born Christmas Day. The boat had stopped running. And there were no cars. That's a long time ago. She only lived a few hours. They couldn't do any? thing for her, you know, they couldn't get a doctor. And you could never get a horse and sleigh over in time, you know. She bled; she bled; she bled to death, I guess. And then the youngest in our family died-- little girl. She lived for 18 days. (And then. Imagine this being your office... Imagine a career at sea.. becoming an olllccr in the Canadiaji C'oasl (jnard. If voii are finishing (Jrade 12 plus'() OACs (Ontario). CWHiP 1 (Quebec) orCirade 12 (oilier provinces) in your university preparatory program this year, if you excel at math and physics, and if you think big... Head for the freedom, the excitement and the challenge of a sea-going career with the Canadian Coast Guard. 1'1 '["he four-year Canadiiui("x)ast (iuard officer training plan offers: • Tuition-free training • A monthly allowance • Practical sea training • A modem, attractive campus in Sydney, with private rooms • A guaranteed position as a ship's officer after graduation years later, Sadie became the substitute mother when Louise came, when she was adopted into your family.) Oh, Sa? die's the one that (wanted her) so bad. You know, Sadie wanted to get away, to work somewhere. My mother wanted one of us to stay home. And, well, I was older, and she thought Sadie should stay home. I think that's why (my mother) really consented to take Louise. This little stray came along. And Fr. Rankin went around looking for a home for her. Although he didn't come here. He went over to my aunt's place there, and he went to another house over. Then there was another woman from up Ot? tawa Brook was interested in her, too. But Sa? die was in at lo? na, cleaning the church. And heard about this little one. i Canadian Coast Guard '' College CanadS It was kind of a lonesome life for Sadie, you know, and she was young, and she'd like to get (away). She was in her middle 20's. But my moth? er was getting old.
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