Page 12 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
wasn't that she was afraid of it or any? thing, but she just didn't like it. Oh, she'd eat cream. They always had light cream in their tea and everything like that. Oh, butter--she made her own butter and everything. Gream--cream went on everything. Like berries and everything, when we'd have them. Even on your por? ridge. It was never milk. It'd be half CAPE CARE SERVICES ? TOTAL LTD. PERSONAL CARE • 24 Hour Service • 7 DaysA/Veek "V/orker Owned & Operated" 562-2444 RN'S CNA'S Home Care Workers Bonded & Insured 282 George St., Sydney It all comes together... at the Sydport connection cream in it, you know. But she lived!. (Growing up, were there many dances in those days?) Sadie: Oh, yes, there were more than there are today. Mungie; Started when we were about 14, boy. The day of the dance--there was going to be a dance that night--did we ever watch the sky--that's in the wintertime--hoping there'd be no storm. Planning on a dance. And they used to be good, you know. Hall would be full in there. The hall at lona. They'd have dances in the school, too, but they wer? en't so good. But the dances in the hall. They had a piano there, and they'd have a couple of violin players. The music was good--it's the kind of music we liked. Look, at daylight, sometimes, it'd be dawn and they'd still be dancing in the hall. (They'd dance all night long.) Yeah. "We danced all night in the pale moonlight." If you're looking for the Ideal spot to locate your business, you should know about the Sydport connection. Strategically located, Sydport is accessible by road or by rail, by air and by sea, on transportation lines to everywhere. The Sydport connection offers: • serviced land available for lease or sale • buildings available for lease • year-round harbour access • 768 metres of useable wharf - water depth 6 m.-ll m. • new all-weather highway access to Trans Canada Highway • railway and common user sidings available • advantageous government assistance programs The choice Is obvious. The Sydport connection. Sydport Industrial Park P.O. Box 154, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada BIP 6H1 MUi Operated by ji?f Enterprise • ?r Cape Breton mw Corporation (That was more in the winter.) Oh, yes. There weren't any dances in the summer; they'd start in the fall. People were too tired to go to danc? es in the summer. (And they had parties in the school, too?) Dances once in awhile.... And the older people would be there; they'd be sit? ting all around the wall. There'd be about-- just about two sets on the floor, you know. And the violin player--there was a little stand where the teacher's desk was. Square dances. And often in the wintertime, when nobody was going home to dinner, the teacher--she was always boarding near, or she was a neighbour or something. We'd swallow our lunch as fast as we could, and clear the centre of the school and have a set. You know, the mouth or? gan. Sometimes they used to have knitting nee? dles. I don't know in the world how they got music from it. But they used to accompany the mouth organ with the needles. (Tapping the knitting needles togeth? er.) Yeah. And it sound? ed nice. We used to dance to it. At dinner? time. Oh, the teacher
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