Page 16 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
a short time. He loved it there. You know, it was beautiful there where the glebe was. You could see the boats com? ing in. He'd call me. said. "Come and look at this! Come look at this!" Boat coming in. you know, there'd be one coming down through the locks there. You know, in the summer. He loved it there. Although, he kind of hated to leave-- every place he was, I think he hated to leave. I didn't feel any worse at any of my family dy? ing than I did when he died. You know? (Well, when you're with him that long, he must have been part of the fami? ly.) Oh. yes. Well. yes. you felt, you know, how you always worried about him and.... He was so much younger than me, and he was just like--I don't know--like a nephew or something. Worry--you always wor? ried about him. Especially after him tell? ing me about the boxing in his head, and falling asleep at the wheel and all this. I used to worry about him when he'd go out at night, you know, and he'd be late coming in. Driving alone. I didn't mind it if somebody else was with him. He was kind and good. He was lovely. He ANSWERS fOYOUR QUEsnoNS-irs Do you have questions about JkC general insurance (auto, home, liability, iMi9 bonding, etc.) ? We have people h M 'f'M who can answer your questions E Am S jm over the phone or by mail mt''' with the right pamphlet. 'L k Becoming better 'J' M'%9 informed about insurance is only a phone Callaway. Halifax: 429-2730 Toll Free: 1-800-565-7189 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. irxsuronce Bureau of G'noda Bureau cfas$urar>ce du Canada Representing private general insurance companies in Canada was really wonderful. (When you were growing up, when you were younger and in your teens and that. you were going to dances. Did you ever--were you going steady with anybody?) No. (Never ever went....) Not really. Well, for a short time I did. Not seriously at all, you know, it was just that there was some? body that I could depend on if I wanted to go to a dance or anything like that. (But you never had anyone that you considered getting married to?) No. No. no. no. (You've had proposals to get married.) Yes. I've had proposals. Three or four-- four. anyway. And I know I would have had more if I had been more--you know, if I had given a little more encouragement. Mungie chuckles. (But you had no interest in getting married.) Well, in a sense, you know, I liked my freedom. I guess. I thought it was quite a responsibility. I thought if I had children I'd be too easy with them and I'd--different stupid things like that. But I never regretted it. though. You know, there were some fellows I went with--there was one fellow I went with that I liked very much. But. not that much. There was one fellow especially, yeah. (How long were you going with him?) Oh, not more than a year or so. And not that seriously, either. But I liked him very much. (But you don't regret not getting married.) No, no. No. Our thanks to Katherine MacKenzie, University Archivist, St. Francis Xavier University, for the photograph of Fr. M. J. l/lac- Kinnon; and to Ed Binns for locating photographs of Fr. Al? phonse Doyle and Fr. John Archie Chisholm.
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