Page 24 - Dr. Jack Yazer, Citizen
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
continuous thing. And then I remember, we used to--there was a woman. She was a coun? tess, very, very rich. And she liked me, as a kid. And I remember once--whether if the Germans were coming or something--she took a bunch of us Jewish people--I remember go? ing to like a back entrance in the basement, like in the woods, like in the garden. She was leading a whole group all the way. But not much more. I can just remember that scene, you know, just going in the garden. And then we used to--food was the thing. We used to go steal potatoes. And if an adult got caught stealing potatoes, you shoot him. I mean--you didn't have to go to court. But if a kid stole it.... So I remember going with my father--this street, like a road, and there was a fence. You put your hand on it. If the po? tato was too big, you didn't take it. If it was too small, you'd blouse your shirt up--you'd put it inside your blouse. And the big potatoes you'd put back. Then you'd go home. You'd take the potatoes, you know, you'd peel them. Then this coun? tess which I liked, she had--oh, there were horses that you don't see--it's only in the movies. And this tile floors. And the man slept (in) the stable, with the Jacques-Cartier Motel kitchenette units available / telephones in all rooms P. O. Box 555, Sydney, N. 8. B1P 6H4 (902) 539-4375 or 539-4378 or 539-4379 SYDNEY - GLACE BAY HIGHWAY FRANCAIS 2 Kilometres de I'Aeroport ENGLISH "We're people you can talk to'' Dealers for: / Electronic Keyboards Guitars • Church Organs Quality Brand Name Pianos • PA Rentals • Piano & Guitar Instruction ', Boutiliers' Music Shops OPEN MONDAY through SATURDAY Music Keyboards Guitars Reeds Strings Horns Violins Bagpipes Chanters Amplifiers PA Systems All Supplies horse--the caretaker. There was no--you know, the bed there, like a bunk. And they had the copper barrels with bran and oats. And I remember stealing bran. You just fill up your pockets as much as you could, bran. Then you'd go home. You'd have the potato peelings and the bran. Then you'd have the bran and the potatoes, you know, for another meal.... So, I mean--those are the scenes I remem? ber. Then I remember, like, for this butcher. We used to trade horses.... They'd want to find a horse that was balky. If you never rode him before or anything, you'd just get on them. There was no--didn't question--there was no such a thing as a saddle or--just a bit in his mouth. And then you get going. To find out if they were balky, you'd try and let them go as fast as they can. And they'd just get going, you'd try to swing him to the right. He'd just about finish making a turn right, you'd swing him left. And just before he makes left, you'd turn right. You know, you'd drive him crazy. A good horse, he'll take his turn, like turn right, he'll (turn) left--you know, he'll do it. But a horse that gets mixed up, you know, you drive him crazy, he'll stop. You see. So this is how we found out that horse was balky and that (one wasn't). So, we used to do that. Then I remember they used to have--like the pastures were owned by the government. And another kid and I. we used to go--we'd just take a rope, after school or whenever we had a chance. And you'd find a horse that was easy to catch, an old horse. You'd get on that horse, and you'd take a horse that was young, you know, that you wanted to ride. And you'd jump from one Dagmar's Health & Specialty Foods Offering a Good Selection of: • Spices • Herbs • Baking Supplies • Seeds, Flours & Grains • A Complete Line of Food Supplements Located in The Walkway 539-2213 Cape Breton Shopping Plaza • Sydney River Cape Breton Shopping Centre 39 Keltic Drive WO.0O Sydney River, N. S. Dep. Sto • B1S1P4 HOPPING CENTRE 562-001 8 - Cape Breton's Finest Locally-Owned Musical Outlet ~ Burner Service Contracts Available Automatic Delivery Budget Plan Available Lube - Oil - Greases 562-3163 503 PRINCE ST. - SYDNEY, N. S. CO-OP FUELS Stove and Furnace Oil Furnace Maintenance Contracts Available
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