Page 32 - Paintings by William Hess, Inverness
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
Tbp: trains at Wyhlen in Europe, 1918; top right: detail from "Lakeboat-Affar/on passing through St. Peters Canal"; above: "Dunvegan, C. B., N. S."; right: William Hess. Winning loudi: (S! MARITIME TEL&TEL; ANY CAR FOR FOR ONLY m 00 PER weekend! (1000 KM. FREE January 1st through May 31st, if you pick up your car after noon on Friday and re? turn it anytime before noon on Monday, you can have your choice of any car on our lot, from an economy to a full-size, for just $99.00 per weekend. Budget lives up to its name with this one low rate. Gas, taxes and optional cov? erage are additional. Car must be retumed to renting location. Offer subject to availability. Call Budget and make your reservation today! ThebmartMone ison 45 Townsend S. Corner Esplanade SYDNEY 562-1223
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