Page 42 - Mae Wilcox, 98 - Poet from Big Lorraine
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
pered I was 'fraid of girls / And couldn't kiss a baby doll / I couldn't stand it. sir, at all,// But up and kissed her on the spot./ I know--boo hoo--I ought to not / But somehow from her looks--boo hoo-- / I thought she sort of wished me to!'" I had that for recitation, I got the first prize at school. Just the year before I left, I was about, I guess, 10, My husband always loved playing a joke. Sometimes he'd knock at the door, and then run away. So, I got kind of tired of that, going like that. So I thought one day I'd play a joke, too. Well, "One day a knock came at the door, / And I threw the knitting down on the floor..,," And ended up, went to the door, opened it--"Out through the door the water I threw./ 'Oh,' came a voice of most terrible wrath / 'If you have no re? spect for me / Have respect for the cloth.'" Oh, my, did I feel terrible. "It wasn't my husband / It was the minister inst;ead!" You know, the saddest years of my life were when my husband lost his memory. He died in '68, on our anniversary, (Iris: They were 60 years married. He was well in his 80's when he died--86. He died in 1969.) Mae: I have 21 great-grandchildren. And I have two little boys--they're hers, but I think part of them must be mine. There's nothing on God's earth I love better than those two little boys, (Iris: Our second-oldest son lived with her till he was 16.) Mae: Do you know what one of the little fellows said? He's 10 now, I guess. His cousin's grandmother had died. And his mother told him. The purpose is embodied in its name... Save Kelly's Mountain Societyl There are plans to develop a Super Quarry on Kelly's Mountain in St. Ann's Bay. The Save Kelly's Mountain Society is opposed to this project. For further information: Save Kelly's Mountain Society Box 14, Englishtown, Nova Scotia BOC IHO Tax-deductible contributions to the Save Kelly's Mountain Society can be made through the Canadian Environ? mental Defense Fund, 347 College St., Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario M5T 9Z9 "Your Nana, one of these days-- she's getting old--will be go? ing, too." He said, "You mean my Nana? I hope she lives mil? lions of years!" Mae laughed. That's the great? est compliment I ever got in my life. Preparation for this article was aided by taped inter? views with Mae Wilcox by Jean Kyte, Elaine Harte of the Louisbourg Heritage Society, and Cape Bre? ton's Magazine. Most of the poetry Mae quotes is from her book, Memoirs, now in a second expand? ed edition. Photographs of Mae on pages 34 and 42 are by Bernard Mullins. Mae Wilcox holding a copy of her book of poetry, Memoirs l/lcCallum's Ceramic Tile & Flooring Ltd. Ceramic Tile • Quarry Tile Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Hardwood Flooring Ceramic Counter Tops Kitchen Cabinets • Vanities I VISIT OUR EXPANDED SHOWROOM: K-Mai1 Plaza, Welton St., Sydney 562-1291 m SALES-SERVICE-INSTALLATION JeT WELLS & PUMPS 1"' yjei/Jatef'-ft's/lata,'aeicf.Se.tCe'" • Water Wells • Pumps • Test Holes • Water Conditioners Serving Cape Breton 5642145 O U N (Ucence No. 264) WIN A FREE WELL CALL FOR DETAILS
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