Page 67 - Alex Poirier, Fisherman from Plateau
ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
a penny a pound--did they hand you your money?) Well, no. They'd give you a slip-- write your hundred pound or 1200 pound. We used to go at the middle of the summer--we used to go there and settle at the shop. Then, if you had something to come to you, well, they'll give you some. If you've got nothing to come, you'll get nothing. (Did it ever happen to you that you had no mon? ey coming?) Aw, well, it happened some? time, you know. They'll give you (what you need) and they'll charge you in the shop--they'11 give you just the same; they won't stop giving it to you--because they know they'll get your fish, you see? You wouldn't get money if you had no money to come. Maybe sometime you'll owe some money to them. You've got a family, it costs a lot, you know. Flour, molasses and tea. Sometimes we'd buy something for the house, lots of stuff: dishes. The credit was just the same. They won't stop giving it to you. In the fall, when you go to settle, if you've got no money, they'll give you the flour for the winter just the same. Oh, yes. They wouldn't stop giving you anything. Aw, no. The Heart of Your Cape Breton Vacation! WINTER WEEKEND GETAWAYS • FAMILY EVENTS A SECOND HONEYMOON • A SUCCESSFUL CONVENTION Inveraryim RESORTi/ P. O. Box 190, Baddeck, Nova Scotia BOE 1B0 TEL: (902) 295-2674 • FAX: (902) 295-2427 TOLL FREE: 1-800-565-5660 A Year-Round Resort • on the Bras d'Or Lakes * They always keep her going. And the next summer, well, maybe it will be a good sum? mer- -well , you'll get clear of them. It was running like that, you know. (Year after year?) Year after year. But sometimes it was hard on you, you know? You'd go there and you'd try to get some money to pay your tax-- and there's no mon? ey coming. Now you'll be behind for your tax that year. You'll have to try to make mon? ey for next year to pay those taxes. But the tax was not as high as it is now.... (If you owed a debt to the Jersey firm, did that mean you had to give the Jersey firm your fish?) Well...there was only them buy? ing fish then, at The Harbour. See, you had to go fish? ing for them. There was nobody else, at that time. But af? ter awhile Aucoin Correspondence Studies Through its Correspondence Studies section, the Nova Scotia Department of Education provides the opportunity for Nova Scotlans to continue their education from grade 1 through grade 12 when regular school attendance is not possible. All public school correspondence courses are v'itten and evaluated by experienced educators and follow the course of studies prescribed for the schools of Nova Scotia. For further information, please contact: Correspondence Studies N.S. Department of Education EO. Box 1650 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J2Z2 Tel: 424-4054 Department of Education SKI Any wonder Skiing is North America's fastest growing winter sport with places lilce SKI BEN EOIN • Ski Ben Eoin is next door to all of Cape Breton • Located 17 miles Southwest of Sydney on Highway #4 Ski Reports 902-828-2222 Office 902-828-2804 Fax 902-828-2550 67
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