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ISSUE : Issue 59
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1
BOOKS FROM CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE] FIFTY-ONE STORIES OF TENDERNESS AND TERROR • all of them extraordinary, and most of them pervaded with characteris? tic Cape Breton tenderness • a tough, caring presentation of experience. Forerunners and tokens, ghosts and lights and dreams, and just plain good storytell? ing • that's what you'll find in the Cape Breton Book of the Night. A beautifully designed book. 161 pages $14.25 FORTY-nVE LIFE STORIES told by Cape Bretoners • 'good reading, whether taken as individual stories or a portrait of a people and their place. "Oral history. Oral testimony. Con? versation became the heart of the work." • 'Ronald Caplan, Editor 301 pages • 121 photographs $22.35 Canada's Atlantic FoIklore~Folklife Series Down North The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine A WORD-AND-PHOTO PORTRAIT of Cape Breton Island life, Down North delivers a wide range from Cape Breton's Magazine. How do you make an axe handle or snowshoes or hook a rag rug? What were the old cures? From Marie Deveau's memories of "An Orange in Cheticamp" to Bob Fitzgerald's gor? geous connection be? tween piles of field stone and the head? stones of pioneers • this is an elegant, re? spectful book about Cape Breton Island. 241 pages 286 photographs $22.35 u m I'&tjBB; 'Mr"* Ronald Caplan, Editor SUBSCRIBE! TO CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION • in Canada $15.00 • outside Canada $19.00 us CURRENCY (or $22.50 CAN CURRENCY) Cape Breton's MAGAZINE HISTORY • ORAL HISTORY and FOLKLORE • Beautiful Photographs • and a 20-Year Devotion to Cape Breton Island CANADA'S AWARD-WINNING MAGAZINE HOW TO ORDER Cape Breton's Magazine Books and Cassette Tapes ORDER BY MAIL: Send cheque or money order, or your VISA or MASTERCARD number and expiry, to: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON BOC IHO NOVA SCOTIA or ORDER BY FAX: Use VISA or MASTERCARD: (902) 539-9117 ORDER FOR YOURSELF AND FRIENDS. Use this Order Form, or send us your gift list, with full addresses and postal codes. WE DO ALL THE MAILING! ORDER FORM BOOKS PRICE QTY. Castaway on Cape Breton $11.25 The Cape Breton Giant $8.00 Highland Settler $14.25 'SPECIAL OFFER: ' Set of Above 3 Classic 'ape Breton Books... ..$31.75- Down North $22.35 - Cape Breton Lives $22.35 - Cape Breton Book of the Night $14.25 _ SUBSCRIPTIONS Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 4 issues inside Canada $15.00 - 4 issues outside Canada U. 8. Currency $19.00 or Can. Currency ... $22.50 - CASSETTE TAPES Mike IVIacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector $10.00 - Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs $10.00 - Winston Scotty Fitzgerald: House Parties & 78s $11.25 - SPECIAL OFFER: ' Set of All 3 Cassettes' $28.50 - NOVA SCOTIA RESIDENTS: Please Add 10% Sales Tax on Cassette Tapes only SUB-TOTAL: FOR ADDRESSES OUTSIDE CANADA: Please Add $1.50 Postage for Each Book or Tape TOTAL: (All Our Prices Include GST & POSTAGE in CANADA) 73
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