Page 6 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
and have a big visit with Angus, and get a good cup of tea, and come back home. That's why, I think, I liked being here so much, because I had the old people here. But anyway, from that, I went to work dif? ferent places.... I went to Grade 11, but I didn't finish it because it was hard to get to school. Because we'd have to go to North Sydney or somewhere like that, and it was hard to get conveyance. And we couldn't afford too much conveyance be? cause my father was just on compensation. And then I went to work. And of course, when we went to work, we were all the Provindal Parks... Outdoors! Outstanding! Nova Scotia's provincial parks encompass nearly 30,000 acres of scenic forested landscapes, uncrowded beaches, magnificent seascapes and intriguing heritage sites. Come along for some relaxing canoeing. Bring the family for a day at the beach or view spectacular scenery. Hike a trail or take an interpretive walk. Each park is unique. Each experience a refreshing break from the ordinary. Brochures on Nova Scotia's provincial parks are available at Natural Resources offices and most tourist bureaus. >C Department of Natural Resources same, we helped home, you know.... So from that, I used to go back home every once in awhile. I'd just have a day off and I'd go home. Usually when we went home we helped Mum, you know, houseclean or bake or do whatever had to be done. (Did your father have anything in mind that__ • he wanted you to be or wanted yguJ:o-'do7T No. Any time we ever askedHiim'-if there was ever any discussion about what we want? ed to do, the utmost thing in my father's mind is that you behave yourself. Whatever you do, do a decent day's work, and earn whatever you're going to get. He was one of those that, when we lived at home, if some? one was sick--one woman was sick, he said, "Look, there's too many of you girls here. You don't need all of you here to do the work here today." That'd be on a Saturday, like. So he'd send one of us to (a neigh? bour's) house to help her because she had 16 children and her husband was in the ar? my. So very often two of us would go over there and we'd give her a day's work, and help her with the wash and cleaning the house, and looking after the kids. She re? members that to this day, and she often says, those were the good days, you know, when people did those things. But you weren't allowed to take even a quarter. If you went to do that. That would spoil your good deed. Because, if you were doing it, that was your charity. And my mother was full of that. She found out Tots & Toddlers Daycare and PreSchool 42 GLENDA CRESCENT • SYDNEY • 18 months to 10 years Full Time & Part Time Open 7:30 • 5:30 Monday to Friday 539-6717 We plan it all for you. 794-7251 158 QUEEN ST., NORTH SYDNEY /'
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