Page 13 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
General Office, St'i Plant, Sydney. Demolished 1990. So while we were working hauling the beer, you'd go down to the General Office (at the Steel Plant). Because the General Of? fice started to hire people then in late '39 and '40, because of the war. And we put our name in during the summer--all of us did at that time.... And in order for you to get a job, you had to be there when they called your name. You used to sit around out there for a couple of hours. But you couldn't do that every day because some days you probably got another job and you've gone someplace else, or you've gone to play ball. And that would be the day they came out and they call off your name. If you weren't there, they forgot about you. They hired whose name they called up was there. That's the way that worked. So this day in question, I had my name in for quite some time, all that summer. They were hiring people sporadically, here and Cape Breton's Past THE CONTEXTS OF ACADIAN History, 1686-1784 Naomi E.S. Griffiths In the first study to connect the Acadian ex? perience with the heritage of ideas the migrants brought with them from Europe, Naomi Griffiths explores the creation and endurance of the Acadian community and the ways in which the Acadians differed from the people of New England and New France. One result of the war between England and France for the domination of much of North America was the deportation of the Acadians from their homeland in 1755. Grif? fiths examines the implications of this deporta- tbn for the survival of the Acadian community. McGill-Queen's University Press nineteenth Century CAPE Breton A Historical Geography Stephen J. Hornsby During the North American colonial period, the expansion of European capital and labour into North America aeated two broad pattems of regional development: agricultural settlement and the exploitation of raw materials or staples. Hornsby examines the development of nineteenth-century Cape Breton in light of these patterns, focusing on the impact of Scottish im? migration on the island's settlement and agricul? tural development, and on the role of mercantile and industrial capital in developing Cape Breton's two great staple industries, cod fishing and coal mining. Hornsby also outlines the reasons for the massive exodus from Cape Breton during the late nineteenth centU7. 3430 McTavish Street, Montreal, Quebec H3A1X9 there. December 27, 1940, I was working for Billy Hill. And a call came down to the dispatcher, the agent for CN--he checked all the beer that was taken off the cars. Man by the name of Bricky Williams. My aunt had called him and told him that they wanted me at the General Office. Get up to the General Office. I assumed that they were go? ing to hire me. I jumped off the car, grabbed my hat and coat jacket. And I ran all the way to the General Office because, like I said, if you didn't get there that day, forget it. And I never had that much time. And I got there. Got into the door of the hiring officer. And I was the only one there--it was pretty near quit? ting time. And I got in, I was huff? ing and puffing. I remember Cecil Mac? Pherson saying to me, "Son, you're all in." I said, "Yes." I said, "I ran all the way in here." "Well," he said, "sit down, sit down." I was all in. Said, "Sit down, sit down, sit down." He gave me a chair to sit down. And he went in and got my card and number. He said, "Don't worry," he said, "we're going to hire you." I'm telling you, those were the greatest words I ever heard in my life. (Why?) To get a job! (Well, you had a job.) Oh, yeah, but this job we had was only sporadic. THE BEST IN LOCAL. REGIONAL- NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT • July 11: l/len of the Deeps • July 12: Dale Kavanagh (classical guitarist • Sunday afternoon)] • July 13: "I Hate You Beulah Claxton' • July 14: Tommy Hunter (7:00-9:00 PM • 9:30-11:00 PM) • July 15: The Rankin Family • July 16: South Haven Weavers' Guild| Fashion Show & Ceilidh • July 17: SAPPY performance (7 PM) | • July 18: Merry-Go-Round Children's Band (2 PM) • July 19: Gospel Heirs • July 20: "Brigadoon" (Riverview Players) • July 21: Buddy MacDonald & Natalie MacMaster • July 22: Cape Breton Ceilidh (Northside Dancers, Jerry Holland, Hilda Chiasson, & others) • July 24: Real World (19 & over: dance at Civic Centre • 9:30 PM-1:00 AM) • July 26-28: "Bloody Business" (St. Ann's Bay Players) • July 29: Lenny Gallant • July 31: Theresa Doyle • August 1: Rumillajta (Music of the Andes) • August 2: John Arpin (tentative) • August 4: Graham/Eleanor Townsend (North American fiddle champions) • August 5: The Flying Bulgar Klesmer Band (Ul
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