Page 21 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
es, is he? And put them in a position of authority. There's no way. 'Cause you would defeat his whole purpose. If he's determined that this is going to be all Catholic or all Protestant, he's going to make sure that people like the general foreman underneath him or the assistant superintendent, hire people that he wants there. If they have to belong to the Orange Lodge or the Masonic, or the Knights of Columbus. All those charitable orders played a big role in the hiring practices of the steel plant. Played a ma? jor role, to some extent. Depending on the official who was there.... (So along comes Winston Ruck.) It didn't matter where I was from. I could have been an R.C, or I could have been an Anglican or a United or a Presbyterian. That was not a consideration. If you were black.... (That came first.) That's right. Well, you're visible. My religion didn't mean a damn thing. (Excited as you were about getting on the steel plant, you knew that your opportuni? ties were limited.) Not necessarily. I was just interested in getting a job. A job. That was not a big consideration--"I want to go into the steel plant and I want to become a carpenter." I (just) wanted a job. (As you progressed in the steel plant-- after you came back from the Second World War--you knew then that opportunities would be limited.) Yes. I was aware then, because I was older. Understand. And I knew then for sure there were certain de? partments that we could not aspire to get a job in. I knew that, for example, (one particular) general foreman was a very, very prejudiced man. Everybody knew that. No ifs, and's, or but' s about him. And he was hard on black people--very hard. And if some black person got into some diffi? culty, he seemed to blame every black per? son for that. As if we were all re? sponsible. But he was prejudiced before I got on the plant, be? cause I heard about him. When touring the Cabot Trail, you'll enjoy your stop in Cheticamp. It is a friendly village with strong Acadian traditions. While in Cheticamp, enjoy a meal at Le Gabriel. We offer unsurpassed Acadian hospitality and cuisine. The dining room offers seating for 125 people, and many traditional dishes. Enjoy our fresh local seafood, sizzling steaks, fresh baked bread and sinfully delicious desserts. Perhaps you would like to join us in the Lounge. With its nautical decor and vaulted ceiling, the Lounge seats up to 300 people. Enjoy local entertainers. Don't miss the fiddlers on Tuesday nights and Saturday after You can dine and be entertained by local Acadian • fully licensed • air conditioning • U. S. currency accepted Le Gabriel p. O. Box 316 Cheticamp, Nova Scotia Canada BOE IHO Tel: (902) 224-3685 While in Cheticamp, don't forget to visit Flora's craft shop, which offers a variety of locally crafted fora*s on the Cabot Trail Best selection of hooked rugs Flora's offers an excellent selection of rugs and other hooked items, made by over 100 local craft ladies. We also feature other quality handcrafts and souvenirs. • Coasters • Sweaters • Chair seats • Quilts • Wall hangings • Placemats • Rugs s c' • Tartans Flora's has served the tourist industry for over 25 years. We welcome tour groups for one stop shopping. You're sure to enjoy /~ our rug hooking dem? onstrations!
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