Page 31 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
ings then of the office, of the union. I became much more knowl? edgeable and more forceful, be? cause I knew what I was dealing with from within our own union, because of the weaknesses that were there at the top.... (How did you keep yourself sep- erate from the president?) Well, because I would take an indepen? dent position on the floor of the hall. I told them how I felt about matters. They knew. You can't fool people forever. I was independent. And he knew that I was aspiring somehow, that peo? ple were supporting me. He was aware of that. And he used to do everything that he possibly could to try to put the knock on me. Not face-to-face; he would never deal with me face on to any issue. Because I was fear? less. And I knew I knew more than him. Despite the fact that he had been there umpteen years, he had no more knowl? edge of that collective agreement than somebody who just got elected to the Grie? vance Committee. Because he didn't take any interest into it. (It's interesting: you can be his vice- president, but you're not expected to be loyal to the president.) No, no--I'm loyal to the union. There's a difference. I'm loy? al to the union. I did my job as a union man. I represented the union how I felt within me, not some stereotype idea. He would have liked that, to know that his vice-president is in tune with him and saying the same things he said. But clearly I was not his man, and I wasn't saying the same thing be? cause I didn't believe in it. And I was not going to be any patsy for anybody. I got elected vice-president, not with any luck of his own. I got elected vice- president in spite of him. Clearly, at that time, that he knew where I stood. I never made no bones about my position with regard to him. I didn't go out of my way to create antagonisms or anything of that nature. But by that time, you know, our relationship was not what you'd call a good one.... The Rucks: Kenny, Mariene, Hazel (Roett), Winston, and Joyce Anyhow, that's personalities.... And then coming 1970--people were urging me to run for the presidency. At that point I still had not decided I was going to run. I didn't know what the final outcome was go? ing to be.... I felt I could do a better job than he could--I was convinced of that. But you don't know how you're going to be received. But anyhow, people kept urging me to run, "You'll beat him. You'll beat him. No doubt about it." And I suppose anybody else could have beat him at that time MONDAY ywWWMMWMWWWMMWMW be a part of the g Feel the Excitement... ACTION! p Discover theTreasures of Gape Breton Island Canada is world renowned for its national parks and national historic sites. And for good reason. Our parks and sites offer the opportu? nity to discover Canada's unique natural and cultural heritage. And nowhere is this rich diversity of nature and history more evident than on Cape Breton Island. Here you'll truly find Canada at its best! From the proteaed wilderness of Cape Breton Highlands to the genius of ??)' Alexander Graham Bell and Guglielmo Maiconi. From the busde of 18th-century life at the Fortress of Louisbouig to the quiet shores of St. Peteis Canal and Grassy Island. But don't take our word for it Experience it for yourself. You can enjoy the beauty of our national park year-round and fiom May to October our parks and sites offer a full slate of activities and programs. So plan now. Just watch for the Beaver symbol'. It's your assurance that an unforgettable vacation is just around the comer. For more informalkMi, please call (902) 4263436. i CanacBf
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