Page 38 - Murdena Marshall: Mi'kmaq Godparents
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
worked- played ??something that happened that she 1 role in?) She was my mother's first cousin, first of all. And the way I used to hear about my godmother when I was small, that she was very gentle, and she was a good singer. So I always heard that when I was growing up, that my godmother was very very pretty, and she's a good singer. (Oh, she wouldn't nec? essarily be around you all the time.) Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. But I'm just telling you what I'd hear. I'd be hearing this as well. But my godmother moved away for a short pe? riod of time. She went to live in the Unit? ed States for awhile. And when she came back it just--the bonding just--like it had never left off, it had never stopped. It's a very, very beautiful--I don't how we'd call it, honest to God. It's know just DONT MISS BEAUTIFUL Margaree Harbour (JUNCTION OF CABOT & CEILIDH TRAILS) Relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility Accommodations - Restaurants - Gift Shops General Store- Fine Sandy Beaches - Deep Sea Fishing Cruises • jaKJI''g The Perfect Stop For Bus & Cars 'SlSSiSS ''P SCHOONER VILLAGE 1' Woolen Tartans, Ties, Kilts, Sweaters, Weaving, Coats & Capes, Clan Regalia, Jewelry, Souvenirs, Scottish Imports, Quality Toys, Books & Recorded Music of Scottish and Maritime Themes, Best Coffee on the Trail, Delicious Baking, Afternoon Teas and More Piper on Staff At the Bridge, Margaree Harbour Enjoy Your Home Away From Home At... 'WmeCovo Summer T/'V Res.: 625-1052 1 ''??''''Vv,'*'/-''-''ii=i. Mailorders 1 "' w-w • < • . .? . Available 1 THE WOOLEN SPECIALISTS "Duck Cove Irua Discover the Margaree River Valley Gateway to the Cabot Trait something that's unique. Although it has a Christian name to it, when you say it in English--godparent. But in Mi'kmaq, it's just said: my stronghold. (What's the Mi'kmaq word?) Nkekunit. You know, it's my stronghold. They have me, they're holding me up or whatever. (Can you remember your godmother taking you for a walk?) Oh, yes. Even when she came back from the United States, she looked me up right away.... To me, she's special. She is special to me because I know she must have been a good person before my mother could have possibly picked her. So I know she's a good person because of that. And I know there was something between her and my mother that made her my godparent, my god? mother. And through her I see my mother--my mother died when I was 7. But she always talks about my mother. When we talk, she'll always tell me stories about my mother. You know, she takes me back to my childhood and talks about my mother. Which I lack, because she died when I was very young. So she's able to fill that gap, the gap that my mother vacated in terms of activities. You know, what would she be like if we went to a ball game, what would she be like going to a card (game).... So she is able to fill in all those little maz? es , that were mazes to me at first, but now they're actual paths. It's a beautiful bond? ing. And that's not be? tween just my godmother and I--that's with every godparent in the Mi'kmaq world. This is the bond? ing that's between god? parent and the child. (Are you able to give me examples, how god? parents have served for other people? Someone who may have gotten in? to serious trouble...?) Well, when my kids were growing up, when I couldn't discipline them myself, or I was unable to discipline them, unruly teenagers as they were, in the '80s, '10s and '80s--I always contacted their godparents and just said, "Could you please talk to my son. He's getting unruly." And my Margaree River Canoe Rentals Canoe on the Margaree River Hourly, Daily, Weekly Rates from the Duck Cove Inn Gordon Laurence 235-2658 Margaree Harbour Laundromat COIN-OP LAUNDROMAT FACILITIES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ACROSS FROM THE GENERAL STORE IN MARGAREE HARBOUR Cafe BRETON 38
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