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ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
New Books, and a Great Old Tape! A TERRIFIC INTRODUCTION TO CAPE BRETON MUSIC: Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs Dan R. MacDonald • Dan Joe Maclnnis Donald MacLellan • Theresa MacLellan Johnny Wilmot • with their accompanists Simply terrific Cape Breton Fiddle Music, taken from the masters of long-play records from the '50s and '60s. Here are 20 separate medleys • clear, crisp studio recordings by 5 great Cape Breton vi? olinists, and their accompanists. A collectors' item, and great lis? tening. ONE-HOUR CASSETTE • $10.00 (N. 3. residents add 10% sales tax) OTHER MUSIC CASSETTES AVAILABLE: Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector Newly remastered, this is an exciting one-hour cassette, perfect for hsten- ing or dancing. With Tim Donovan on guitar. $10.00 Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: House Parties and 78s All the unavailable 78 recordings that set a Cape Breton dance band stan? dard, plus home tapes that Winston made for friends • solo fiddle, and ac? companied by piano or guitar. Extraordiaaiy 90-minute cassette. $11.25 . Set of All 3 Cassette Tapes: $28.50 • (N. 8. residents add 10% sales tax on all cassette tapes) COMING SOON! Archie Neil From the Life and Stories o/Archie Neil Chisholm o/Margaree Forks, Cape Breton BIOGRAPHY • ORAL HISTORY • ANTHOLOGY by Mary Anne Ducharme THE TRIUMPH OF A LIFE AND A TOIUMPH OF A BOOK! Ar? chie Neil is a beautifully written collaboration that will keep alive forever the life and stories of Archie Neil Chisholm. Saddled with po? lio, pride, and a lack of discipline • 'Archie Neil lived out a contradic? tory life of the terrific teacher floundering in alcoholism. His growth, plunge, and rise at forty-three as an extraordinarily valuable person in the Cape Breton community is good reading and a good example. From outrageous good humour to excellent slorytelUng, this book is a remarkable achievement for writer Mary Anne Ducharme, as the life itself, at once graceful and generous, is a remarkable achieve? ment for Archie Neil Chisholm. 40 photographs • 248 pages • $16.75 ~ AVAILABLE BY JULY 1st ~ CAPE BRETON CAPTAIN ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE STORIES from the life of Cape Breton's Captain David McLeod • a robust autobiography of salt? water and guts and passionate romance, by a man who ended his days as a storekeeper in Cleveland, Richmond County, Cape Breton Island • 'an angry scar across his face, the result of mutiny on his last ship. The forward thrust of his writing is terrific. He brings life to scenes of brutality and love. From the circus riot in Port Hawkes? bury to shipwreck and fistfights, love won and love lost, sea shanties and battling sails in storms • he was a tough, tough man. 145 pages • $14.25 HIGHLAND SETTLER IS AN ELE GANT AND ACCESSIBLE portrayal of an extraordinary people • the Scottish Gael in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia. By drawing on local songs and poetry. Dr. Charles Dunn evokes, as well, a Gaelic set? tlers' self-portrait. "This is one of the best books yet written on the culture of the Gaels of Cape Breton and one of the few good studies of a folk- culture." (Western Folklore) 182 Pages • $14.25 SUBSCRIBE! TO CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION • in Canada $15.00 • outside Canada $19.00 us CURRENCY (or $22.50 CAN CURRENCY) Cape Breton's MAGAZINE CAPE BRETON BOOK OF THE NIGHT nFTY-ONE STORIES OF TENDERNESS AND TERROR • all of them extraordinary, and most of them pervaded with characteristic Cape Breton tenderness • a tough, caring presentation of experience. Forerunners and tokens, ghosts and lights and dreams, and just plain good storytelling • that's what you'll find in the Cape Breton Book of the Night. A beautifully designed book. 161 pages • $14.25 Ail prices include GST and postage in Canada. (FOR ADDRESSES OUTSIDE CANADA, please add $1.50 postage for each book or tape.) Send ciieque or money order, or your VISA or MASTERCARD number and expiry, to: HISTORY • ORAL HISTORY and FOLKLORE • Beautiful Photographs • and a 20-Year Devotion to Cape Breton Island CANADA'S AWARD-WINNING MAGAZINE Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE - NOVASCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson • Belle Maclntyre Paul Cranford JUNE 1992 FREE! SEND FOR OUR COMPLETE CATALOGUE WRITE, OR FAX (902) 539-9117
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