Page 82 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
to do? What do you expect me to do?" He said, "Well, I don't know," He said, "I really don't know, I didn't sleep all night. And I was thinking about it this morning, and," he said, "the children are getting awful attached." So, I said, "When you go to lona this af? ternoon, why don't you...." See, my faith is pretty deep, you know, and I depend a lot on priests, and always did. Or Sis? ters, Either one or the other, I have great faith in them. And if they let me down, it's a terrible letdown. But I've never had that experience, so I don't know really how I'd accept it. But I think it would be terrible. But anyway, I asked Neil to go see Fr, Bernie Chisholm, and ask him if I could talk to him. So that evening--we put the kids to bed, and we told the old folks we were going up to lona, that I wanted to see Fr. Chisholm, So, we didn't tell them anything until we came home, other than that. We didn't even tell them about what Mary had gone through the night before. Because Neil tried to protect his parents from a lot of the extra anxieties that might be going on with the kids,,.. The first choice for fine food and lodging on the Cabot Trail The Normaway is proud to be able to share a part of Cape Breton's culture. Enjoy traditional music, nightly films, a choice selection of Cape Breton books and records, traditional Cape Breton entertainment most spring and fall weekends. You don't have to be a guest of the Inn to eiyoy a Normaway evening. Dinner served from 6 to 9 p.m., June 15 to October 15. Reservations suggested. THE NORMAWAY INN 902-248-2987 or 1-800-565-9463 P.O. Box 142, Margaree Vallev, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2C0 So I went to lona. And of course, right brave, I went in, I told Fr, Chisholm who I 'fJa$??, and where I was working,,,. Oh yes, he knew, from seeing me in church, with the children and everything. And I told him what happened the night before. And he stood there, I said, "I would like to re? lieve Neil's mind and the children's too, I was wondering if you would make up an agreement for me that I would stay until the baby was 14, And then they'd be old enough to look after themselves. And then I could be on my way." And he said, "Well, how old are you?" And I said, "Twenty-two." He said, "Now, how old are you going to be by the time this happens?" I said, "Well, that doesn't really matter. It's what I want to do." And he said, "Well, yes, it does matter. You're pretty fond of those kids," "Oh," I said, "I can't leave them. God," I said, "I'll die if I have to leave them," So he asked about the old folks, how I got along with the old folks, I told him they were just wonderful, you know. And he said, "And what do you think of Neil James?" And I said, "Well, there's one thing about him," I said, "I admire him for the effort that he's putting in to try and raise those children after losing his wife." And I said, "I'd like to help him as much as I could," And I said, "I can't leave those kids," I said, "no matter what, I'm after getting too fond of them myself." So he said, "Well, you go out to the kitch? en and tell Neil to come in," So, Neil went in and talked to him. Then he talked to the two of us, I guess he asked Neil about mar? rying me--did he ever think of it? And Neil said no, That he loved Kay and he couldn't love anybody else. Didn't think he could do justice to anybody else. And Fr, Chisholm told him that she was dead. And that she couldn't do what he wanted WE HAVE INFORMATION ON YOUR PROPERTY - AND YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT IT IS! We have over 20 pieces of information on every number you see on this map, and we have a number on every property in Cape Breton, Richmond, Victoria, and Inverness Counties. That means we have a number on every property in Cape Breton Island. ~ A SERVICE WORTH INVESTIGATING ~ Land Registration and Information Service Property Mapping and Records Division 66 Wentworth Street, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6T4 CONTROL SYSTEM of concrete monuments for surveying BASE MAPS: Orthophoto for rural areas, Line Maps for cities, town, villages PROPERTY MAPS with boundary information and ownership information REGISTRY ASSISTANCE for government and private users Your Property Is Our Business • Ask Us About It TELEPHONE (902) 563-2280 or 563-2281 From BADDECK An Agency of the Council of Maritime Premiers
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