Page 90 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story
ISSUE : Issue 60
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1
would you pray to Kay to help you to not go back on your decision to come and help me look after the children." So, you know, he was pushing her to help him--he was so sure she was in Heaven. I am, too. Because Neil always talked that anyone that died in childbirth went straight to Heaven. I know she's in Heaven, because I've prayed to her and I've got what I prayed for. And there's no way that anybody that's not in Heaven can help anybody. And I feel she's in Heaven, and I go up to her grave and I pray to her and that. I never saw the wom? an, but I just love her.... But those children were very, very good to me. They thought the world of me, I'll never forget the second Mother's Day that I was here. We woke up in the morning, and we heard a noise downstairs--usually Neil was the first up. But whatever happened that Sunday morning, he slept in--a little bit--oh, I suppose it would probably be about 7 o'clock. But that was a sleep-in, then. And we heard the noise downstairs, so--the kids were downstairs. And here NEW AND/OR EXISTING BUSINESS We Offer Financial & Technical Assistance. For More Information, Please Call Our Office: Oceanside Assistance Group Limited 17 Commercial Street • Glace Bay, NS B1A 389 Tel. 849-0544 PEMBROKE CONSTRUCTION 23 McKeen St., GLACE BAY, Nova Scotia ''' General Contractors Specializing in New Home Construction and Commercial Construction • Renovations • Roofing • Siding • Cabinets • Additions Participating in the 5-Year New'r" FRIENDLY'' Home Warranty Program ' SERVICE REG'D BUILDER #01-0392 I BjiH'=Hlilfi''iJ Call today 849-5587 SYDNEY No. 539-2530 Call today 849-1121 they had made toast, and fried eggs, and made tea. But apparently they had made the tea first. And then they had fried the eggs and they made the toast and all the rest of it. The tea was as cold as if it came out of the sink--the tap! Anyway, Francis came up with the tea. And Mary had the tray with the toast and the eggs on it. And Michael came with the biggest smile you ever saw, with the cup of molasses, you know--jug of molasses, a lit? tle jug.... And they landed. And I tasted the tea, and the tea was as cold as Green? land. So I kicked Neil under the bedclothes, not to say a word, even if you choke! So, the dear little things stood at the side of the bed, watching us eat that cold, cold breakfast. And I praised them to the living end for it, and I never forgot it. The day after I was married, I came down? stairs, and Neil's father had the churning done, so I had butter to wash, the first thing. So then, I made bread. And, as the day went on..., That evening, they had a party for us down at the school in Gillis Point there. The people in the community had an after-the- wedding party for us. And it was very nice, and I appreciated it very much because of the fact that their intentions were so good. And we got a lot of nice things, too, from them. Considering the fact that Neil was just married 5 years before that--he was married the first time--the people were very generous to do that. Because really, you know, normally that's not done. But I guess they mostly wanted to make me feel welcome, and that they did, I got along very well with the people in the area, and I got along very well with those in the house here. There was a great lot of love in this house. Like, that's it. I'm sure I never loved Neil when I married him, but I sure as hell loved him soon after. Not too long after, I realized that I did care an awful lot for him. And we worked together very closely in try- ing to fix up the place and improve the ~ iXI'BWmS 07L0VT. - John D. Steele's Sons, Limitei MONUMENT CENTRE & DISPLAY 32 William Street 794-27 NORTH SYDNEY, N. 8. (after hours: 794-4411 & 794-31 / . A CAPE BRETON INDUSTRY SINCE 1896 •
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