Page 24 - Letters of Rev. Norman MacLeod
ISSUE : Issue 13
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/6/1
dened and aggravated against means of know? ledge as to require such severity; but who can help it. We must act and work according to the requisition of the spirit of our time....Whatever the publication may do there, or in any other quarter, (blessed) be the Lord's name, it has done a good deal of service in Cape Breton by muzzelling the mouths of many objectors, & slanderers, mo? derating the vicious reflections of others, and gaining several to be friends.... St Ann's 1st June 1848 My dear friend, I feel sincerely thankful that you have not shown the least sign of taking offence at my freedom of sharpness in my last let? ter to you..,.I cannot ascertain yet how soon I could be likely to see you and other friends in that quarter....Ihe scarcity of provision, which has for some time been bordering on famine, throughout the Island, renders it inconvenient for some of our friends to leave their families; and they must fish or do something else to provide for their daily support, to keep them from starvation. There has never been anything like this in Cape Breton. There are several among us who could, without distraction, sustain their own families, if the burden of others around them had not fallen so grievously upon their charity; but the general destitution has made it impossible, even for the most saving, to shut their ears & eyes from the alarming claims & cra? ving of those around them, running continu? ally from door to door, with the ghastly features of death staring in their very faces; and especially since the expected relief from Government, for both food & seed, has been a mere disappointment. But the Lord's hand is in this dispensation, tho' few understand, or take it to heart. But this is enough, on this grievous sub? ject, for you cannot but hear enough of it from newspapers and other current reports. ...I don't know whether you have heard of our having received a letter lately from our dear son in Australia, along with about two dozens of Newspapers, of which himself is one of the Editors. There is so much in commendation of the soil & climate, and other circumstances, of that country, in said papers, that many people here, among our friends, would wish themselves settled near our Donald. And indeed, if myself had my selection of associates along with me, there would be nothing but the impractica- bleness of getting forward, thro' such a fearful distance, under so many & various points of inconvenience, to prevent ray own removal to it, even in this evening of my days. St Ann's 22nd Augt. 1848 We wish gratefully to acknowledge the sea? sonable service of the meal received from our friends there; for the time of my re? turn from Pictou was the most destitute here through all the summer, before supplies were obtained from the U. States. And be? sides the relief of our own family, many a poor person frequented our house at that time, purposely for a meal, or a night's lodging, when they learned our having a supply of oatmeal. In real truth I never observed so much need helped about our family by any other providence as the said supply. My dear partner could not but see the Lord's hand in it, not merely for our? selves, but also for a number of others from different quarters, running 'to & fro'. Cards for All Occasions The Card Shoppe Sydney Shopping Centre We Specialize i' Camping Equipment and Clothing of All Kinds as well as Hardware, Plumbing and Blectrical Supplies Reuben McEvoy's General Store Ltd. IMGONISH BBACH Open all year at the entrance to the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands National Park Cape Breton's Magazine/24 CO-OP Building Supplies and Harbour Homes • your best Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES • Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heating and Electrical materials. We cater to the building public 'CO-OD C00P BUILDING SUPPLIES '' '' '' ' Kings Road, Sydney 539-6410 Station St?, Port Hai'esbury 625-2600 Operated by Maritime Ce-eperative Services Ltd.
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