Page 5 - Edie MacLeod - Her Glace Bay
ISSUE : Issue 61
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1
it. put your bathing suit on. And when you got the suit on and tied, you took the skirt off and you were all ready! And the same thing when you were ready to go home: you put the skirt on around your neck and got dressed underneath it. It was fun. But it was a lovely beach. It's a shame you people aren't being able to use our lovely beach. Thick lovely fine sand. What else. In the wintertime they were skating everywhere. We had rinks on King Edward Street, we had rinks at the corner of South Street and Quarry Road--away out at the end of South Street on the lake. Number 2 Dam. There were rinks everywhere. There was the Radio Rink and there was Jack MacRae's Rink. And there was the Stirling Rink over here where the Stirling Mall is today. And it was only--I think it was a quarter to go skating for the two hours. The rink over here had just boards around it. And they always had somebody standing on the boards so that, if your nose or your ears got frozen, they would make signals to you--say this--or this--then you skated a (while) with your hands over your nose to get them thawed out. (So they would stand there and cover their ears, to let you know your ears were frozen, or cover their nose to let you know....) It was usually only one ear because at that time the be? ret- -you know the little beret--everybody wore those. And you never covered two ears with it. You just had it over one ear. You can still see this ear (of mine) sticks out more than this one. because it was frozen so often! It really sticks out. This one's nice and tight. And you wouldn't put that (beret) over your other ear. that wasn't stylish. You put an earring on this ear, and left that Right: Edie typing in the Glace Bay office of the Post- Record, over the Glory Cafe, November 1938. bare. And the other thing--you wouldn't wear a shirt. You'd just wear a num ber of sweaters. The popular quest many sweaters have you got skirts--we had no slacks th' FIRST ANNIVERSARY REPRESENTING MAZDA'S FULL LINE OF QUALITY CARS, TRUCKS- & VANS 1 HOWARD NARDOCCHiO • GENERAL MANAGER It*s hard to believe that it has been a year since ISLAND MAZDA opened its doors. And what a year it has been. MAZDA CANADA is on the move and ISLAND MAZDA is on the move. Thank you, Cape Breton, for a wonderful year. WiaZDB "IT JUST FEELS RIGHr Island 195 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY, N.S. PH: 564-6668 ion was, "How on?" And ose days. And out skating out in the open air. You wouldn't be? lieve. My knees, for years, were swollen in here where they would freeze and bang together when I walked. (The inside of your knees would just freeze.) Yeah. We wore those darn skirts going out.... And we walked. Everywhere, we walked. Where the Miners'
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