Page 11 - Edie MacLeod - Her Glace Bay
ISSUE : Issue 61
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1
pavement going down to the beach out there, the end of South Street. South Street went across the beach then, but-- there was one part they had newly paved from the top of the hill down. And we'd get out there on roller skates on a Sunday af? ternoon. It was great. And Table Head rink had roller skating out there. They weren't very good roller skates. They were a metal foot thing, and you got a key with it. It had two clamps that clamped onto the sole of your shoe. You clamped this one and you clamped that one. And sooner or later it would tear the whole sole off your shoe!... I still skate. Skating was my first love. Skat? ing and skiing. This year is the first year I haven't been skiing. It's nice--almost--next to skat? ing, it's the nicest. (Did you used to ski back then?) It was in the '40s. But there was no equipment you could buy. I fi? nally found a pair of skis in a store, and I made them give them to me for my birthday. Anyway, all it was was two long boards with no equipment on it. And I finally located a set of leather touring harness in another store. And Mr. McPhee next door put the harness on the skis for me. You had no boots or anything. You just went in your oxfords. But we used to-- Katie's brother found another pair of skis and he put straps on them just to go around your foot. We'd go up the hill up here, ski down. (No poles or anything.) No. I never had poles until about a couple years ago. But you can get along. I couldn't get along without them today be? cause that's all over, but then I could. Later, I got a decent pair of skis and a pair of decent ski boots. There's still a pair in the closet, I'll have to sell them one of these days. I used to go out up here. And all the kids would follow me. I heard one of them saying one day, "Look, she's got her father's pit boots on." But anyway, I gave up going out in the day? time, and I used to take off at night and go up over the hill. Go right through to Bridgeport. Go round and come back. Not up the road. I'd go up the back way here and go through the field. Go through, around St. Ann's graveyard, and in behind that, and right out to Bridgeport. Edie and friend skating on 'unknown pond" in back of St. Joseph's Hospital (Sounds like you didn't want to sit still for a minute. You were always active and out there.) I sat still. I read. I read and read and read and read. I'm nev? er happier than when I'm read? ing. So I have to sit still for that..But there's a hill up there at the top of MacDonald Street. And there were no houses on it then. And you'd go up there at night*, and go from the old reser? voir on the top of the hill. And that would give you a start. And you'd go right Your Vacation Centre 'istkdown 'ipShoy Jewellery and Scottish Imports Cape Breton Crafts and Souvenirs (902) 295-2881 Box 592, Baddeck, H. S. BOE 1 BO "HOME OF QUALITY GOODS" BELLMUSUEM MAY, JUNE & OCTOBER 9 - 5 • JULY, AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 9-9 Unique Selection of Gifts & Handcrafts (local & Nova Scotian) Scottish Tartan & Chinaware Business 295-2915 Plus a wide variety of gifts, souvenirs and film Residence 295-2534 <<
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