Page 43 - Cape Bretoners Who Went Away: Murdock McPhee in Ontario
ISSUE : Issue 61
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1
a skunk and when you do that you soon wish you hadn't. They didn't live in the shan? ty any more. All they could do was burn it. I don't know where they got the money they must have needed but must have worked somewhere. He and his friend George both built log houses. Corbett's is still standing and was still in use a year or so ago. John McPhee took the lot south of Murdock. This lot is before you enter the valley and was very sandy. He built a log house and barn and moved his family in. They raised sheep mostly but the land was too poor to make a living on so they moved back to town, and he got a job, raised the family and died there. People kept coming in and taking up lots They were mostly Scottish folk. There we MacDonalds, MacKenzies, MacKays, Sin- clairs, Nicholsons, and Beatons. The lot the top of a mountain overlooking a big valley and decided that was what he wanted." Below: the McPhee family home in Ontario. were all one hundred sixty acres and when the valley was settled there were between re ten and fifteen families. s During the period between 1880 and 1890 the road was changed and went north from Rock Lake and to the west of McPhee's Valley to a new settlement. The road came off this one east over the hill to the valley and was much easier to travel. The new settle? ments to the north and west of the valley were Poplar Dale and Millars Valley. The first crops were planted by hand broadcast and a har? row made of timber was dragged over the land cover? ing the seed. The grain crop was harvested with a cradle and threshed with a flail. Fresh Flowers • Potted Plants YOUK PDE'TIGE FLODI6T FOD QUALITY & 6EDVICE Silk & Dried Flowers & Plants SPECIALIZING IN toteKJard WEDDING & FUNERAL Accepted by Phone ARRANGEMENTS ASHBY NURSERIES 564-8162 174 Ashby Road • SYDNEY rafter hour' 862-3374 V 539-7844 J piummer Av • NEW WATERFORD While visiting Cape Breton and in Invemess County, be sure to visit one of your Pioneers • ROBIN'S • NOW 226 YEARS OLD • ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, LIMITED We are proud to be among the first advei with Cape Breton's Magazine. Congratulations on Your 20th Year! cneticamp, in. o. zz'-zvzz Invemess, N. S. 258-2241 Your Cape Breton Highlands Vacation Resort ... RESORT LTD. INGONISH, NOVA SCOTIA TEL: 285-2049 • 90 Units • Licensed Dining Room • Gift Shop • Golfing • Private Ocean Beach • Swimming Pool GLENGHORM Scottish Gaelic Translation "THE GREEN AND THE BLUE" The green lawns rolling down to meet the blue of the ocean. JMore than just a place to stay overnight: a vacation resort
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