Page 51 - The Padelts Chose Cape Breton
ISSUE : Issue 61
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1
winding his watch and said, "$200 an acre! That's 20 acres." I said. "Yes." "That's $4000." I said. "Yes." "Okay." he said, "I'll talk it over." And he talked it over with his relatives and so on. And they agreed. "Sell it." So it was two little Volkswagens--the price for two little Volks? wagens . When we found out later, these guys (thought that) the Na? tional Park will take over this whole area-- right? And before the Park takes, it doesn't pay anything. But anyway--we had it. Just we came with our tent. And the next year we built a lean-to. And the next year we built the cabin. And that's how I learned carpen? try. (You hadn't done that before?) Never. 1'*''%' So I had made the drawing exactly, specified every inch, how it is cut and--but I didn't know where you put the first nail! You know this? You have all the house: where does the first nail go? I didn't know. Can you see this? The first one. And so. I asked Mr. Mac? Dougall- -he ' s a carpenter. He was 72. And I said to him. "Mr. MacDougall. would you build for us this cabin? I have the drawing here." And he looked at the drawing and he said to me. "Young man. I just had a heart attack. So, I am sorry." And I said, "Now, Mr. MacDougall. I can do anything--any? thing. You just have to tell me what. I don't know where to start! You can have an easy chair, and sit and watch, and just tell me. 'Do this, this.' I can do it." You know. I am handy. But I didn't know how to start! It's a difference, eh? And so he said. "Okay. I come and I help you." So I assumed he'd come with an easy chair. He came for 100 hours--exactly Our campsite at South Harbour loo hours. And Hildegarde and I. we were hur? ried, to keep with him. This guy could work. I had to cut all the cuts, you know--according to the drawing. I made all the cuts. And he nailed it. Was he ever clever in all these de? tails, how to build a house. How to straighten (a twisted board). How to make it level. There are 101 tricks. And he showed me every one. For instance, there are boards. They are not straight. They are bowed. He said. "Look, to get this bow out, you nail just one side first. And then you take the middle of it. An take two nails side by side. And you just Left: Hildegarde. Below: During the big clean-up in 1965. ?p''%f' Wbrld -wide Working together we give you more fligjits to i : Canada, across the country, and abound tht AirCanada JmQirNava
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