Front Cover
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
Cape Breton's Magazine, ISSUE 62:
• Cape Breton Dragerman at Westray: George Muise  • The Cabot Trail;  A Political Story • 3 Poems by Rita Joe of Eskasoni • From Echoes From Labor's Wars- in a New Expanded Breton Books Edition by Dawn Fraser • A Visit with Herman Murphy, Ingonish • C. B.'s Geology: A Talk on the Rocks! • A Visit with Trueman Clark, Gabarus • From "John R. & Son" - A Story in Tessie Gillis' book, The Promised Land • Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows • Sydney's First Love Story • Cape Breton Voices from Away • Fr. Charles Murphy and Hong Kong
• From Winston Fitzgerald's Classic Cuts: A New Compilation For a New Generation
Cape Breton's Magazine