Page 5 - Cape Breton Dragerman at Westray: George Muise, New Waterford
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
portation took us to Number 8 crosscut. We reported to the coordinator at that time. After about 10 minutes of waiting there, another team came down from the surface. And we got the go-ahead to head into the southwest section. The entrance to the southwest section was at Number 9 crosscut. So again we went un? der oxygen at Number 8 crosscut. We crawled through the debris that was at Number 8 iw' crosscut, headed down to Number 9. >??;'; At Number 9 crosscut the destruction was even more apparent than at the crosscuts above. The entrance into the southwest section was completely covered with debris of belt structure, steel roof supports, the corrugated steel sheets, the hardwood blocking that was on top of the roof sup? ports- -just any equipment that was there was in the mass of twisted mess at the start of the crosscut. Not only carrying our machines, we were also required to carry a stretcher for lEROhoEdtwaie rSSOlKadwoiePROhaidwaK nfliiuBniM !0 hcnxlwcEK - iiiMii,i,ii.iiii.i.i Whether you're a do-it-yourself type or a professional. Rainbow PRO Hardware has just what you're looking for. The PRO net? work includes hundreds of stores across Canada and over 30,000 items to choose from. Complete line of paint & accessories, electrical, plumbing, tools, nuts & bolts, lighting, housewares, and seasonal supplies. I The store houses the former f Rainbow Carpet Sales business, 1J includes all the old staff, and still Vm provides the first quality carpets, |||| flooring & service that made it so well known for the last 20 years. For all carpet and flooring needs, see Rainbow's friendly staff. For all your drapery needs visit the beautiful Drap? ery Loft. Located above the main floor in a private and comfortable atmosphere where all your decorat? ing ideas can ''''' become a reality. See our '''0H''' new line of roller shades. '''',''.,7''' ''' '''' '' have goose- '' ''0''' '' down duvets. Ask about the' 'rrm''. mnew "feather-bed." . ?? MDRAPERYLOFTM ?? Mon-Tues-Sat: 8 am - 5 pm Wed-Thur-Fri: 8 am - 8 pm 721 Alexandra Street Sydney, N.S. 564-5818 2flI>MpiDqQMFJ'jiD(MProa' when we did come in contact with one of the victims, to carry him out. The roof supports were completely col? lapsed. The first roof support we came across was completely on the pavement. The rest of them looked like a stacked deck of cards. Each one in the level was maybe a foot higher than the first one we came across. In ac? tual height when they're up they're probably about 18 feet wide and maybe 15 feet high. It is a pretty heavy piece of metal and it would take quite a bit to collapse it the way it was. Normally you would walk underneath the protection of these roof supports. But because they were down and collapsed, we literally had to crawl over them. And these roof sup? ports are spaced about three feet apart. So we had to climb up on top of the roof supports and crawl over them, getting in
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