Page 11 - Cape Breton Dragerman at Westray: George Muise, New Waterford
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
fall, down through the hole, and check to see if we had an opening in that side be? fore we risked taking the rest of the two teams behind us. We took the ladder, put it up over the fall, managed to get the ladder down through the hole. We crawled down through the hole. At some points we had to leave the ladder. The twisted metal was too tight to get through so at some points we had to leave the ladder, crawl around the metal, and come back on the ladder. Once we got down to the bottom of the ladder, we were actually underneath the roof supports. The roof support is normally held by two legs-- one leg was completely collapsed. And the area that we were in was actually like a triangle shape underneath one leg. We took some gas tests at this time and we got fairly good readings. We didn't know how far we could get, but the area did look pretty good. So we decided that we would explore a little bit of the area be? fore we called for the rest of the teams. We advanced into the top of Number 1 north main's tunnel. We encountered another fall there. When we climbed up over the top of it we noticed that there was a light flashing down Number 1 main tunnel, north mains. At first we didn't know what it was. As we approached it closer we real? ized that it was the fire. We examined the area. The fire was in the coal floor. It was about 5 feet in diameter. And the flame was probably about 6 or 7 inches high. And the flame would roll across the top of the coal floor. We took some gas tests. At this point we were around 3% methane, or about 2% away from the explosive limit. So the three of I.GTax Services Quality Tax Preparation • Fast and courteous service • Special rates for seniors • Year round tax service 350 Charlotte Street Sydney, Nova Scotia 564-8800 us retreated back out, back up over the fall. There we con? tacted the fresh-air base and asked that some equip? ment be sent down in order to extinguish the fire so that we could further trav? el in the mine. We spent a- bout two hours at the bottom of the fall, the two teams facing each other. The area at Number 11 crosscut, the roof was contin? uing to cave in. We couldn't speak to each other because any vibration was causing the roof to collapse even more. We did do some OWNED BY ATLANTIC SHOPPING CENTRES LTD. A&W; 539-7222 Metropolitan 562-1134 Agnew Surpass 562-3129 Munroe's Barber Shop Balloon City 562-7620 Olympic Shoe Repair 564-8112 Bank of Nova Scotia 539-6760 Quick Break 539-1908 Bill's Pet Centre 539-2243 Radio Shack 539-4617 Bi-Way 539-8860 Reitman's 562-3177 Bojou 539-5596 Sam The Record Man Candy and Things 562-6292 Shoppers Drug Mart 562-1144 Carlton Cards. 564-6531 Sobey's 562-1762 Cole's Book Store 539-6053 Sony Store. 562-8811 Don's Fish & Chips 564-0002 Sport Card Corner 562-3531 Fun Villa Arcade 539-2215 Sports Experts 539-2320 Gals & Guys Hairworks . 539-1811 Super Touch Fashions.. .539-4454 Goldsil 539-7273 Suzy Shier 539-5538 Heather Bowling Centre. 562-2695 Tim Morton's 539-4287 Jeans Experts 567-1217 Uncle Chow's 564-6487 Kentucky Fried Chicken. 564-6322 Vaneili's Mrs 539-7882 Mark's Work Zeller's 539-5600 Wearhouse 539-0441 Zip Photo 539-1539 HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. ?? 10:00 p.m. ~ 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO CAPE BRETON ~ ?ifc CljiUircn'H Atli 'ocictQ of (Hapt Hreton INTAKE HOME STUDIES PROTECTION FOSTER HOMES ADOPTION' problem identification; referral support services; crisis intervention all ages, in permanent homes CHILDREN IN CARE I Suite 7, Provincial Building, 360 Prince Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 5L1 (562-5506) I SINGLE MOTHERS counselling; support I THE COMMUNITY'S RESPONSffilLITY IS TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN 1 counselling; support 9 "A UNITED WAY SERVICE AGENCY"
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