Page 23 - A Visit with Herman Murphy, Ingonish
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
the afternoon, because the Bay St. Law? rence postman never got up. Due to his road giving out on him. So I'd be down all right, about 9 o'clock. So I had to wait till about 3 or after 3 in the afternoon--probably 4 o'clock be? fore I got started back for Ingonish. And as I got about 3 mile out towards Ingon? ish, like, through Neil's Harbour, I was a little bit doubtful as to whether I was going to make it home or not. Although, I could depend on my horses; I had young horses and they knew the roads. And they know what to do on a bad road. But you could take a strange horse, and he could kill himself, and he'd get discouraged. And he'll play himself out and not know what to do. But if you get horses that are used to it from the time they're colts, they know what to do. And when they get tired, they'll just lay down in the snow there and they'll stay there until they rest, and then they'll go again. So I was about 3 miles out on this side of Neil's Harbour. And I met a fellow by the name of Ted Dowling. At this time, he was the line repairman from Bay St. Lawrence to Smokey. And he left Ingonish early in the morning, not too long after I did. And his horse played out on him. The road got soft. This was the last day of March. And there would be, possibly, 6 foot of level snow everywhere--clear of the banks, which would be (higher). I met him. And he said, "Look, Herman, turn back. Because," he said, "you're go? ing to lose your horse if you don't." He said, "He can't make it to Ingonish. I left there this morning. And," he said, "my horse was up and down, up and down in? to it," he said, "and I had to leave him back here at Still Brook"--that's 3 mile out. He said, "If you don't turn back, well, you're likely to lose your horse." So I said, "These horses know what to do, and they're acquainted with it. I'll go far enough to say, anyway, to make sure that--I won't take a chance on overdoing it." So I got up about two mile beyond him. I passed his horse that was on the road. He With Bank of Montreal & AIR MILES • You're Going Places Introducing AIR MILES at Bank of Montreal. It's a great new way to earn air travel miles through your everyday banking. Just one of your rewards for banking with us. Drop in and find out how you can start earning AIR MILES today! Sydney Main Office 562-9500 Glace Bay 849-5524 Ashby 562-5587 Cabot House 562-9520 Port Hawkesbury 625-1250 Ik of AIR MILES Im'l. Holdings N.V. Bank of Montreal is an YEARS EZi Bank of Montreal We're Paying Attention was flat out on the--just crouched out in the snow and resting. And about a mile further along, I saw this fel? low coming with a suitcase on his shoulder. And I'm not sure, I think his name was Costigan or something like that. "My God." he said. "My God," he said. "I gave up 3 or 4 times." He said, "I left Ingonish this morning. And the walking is that hard, I quit. I gave up." And he did. "I didn't think I'd ever make it. And I'm not going to make it," he said. "I know I won't." Well I said, "Look. If you can get one mile further along here, there's a horse there that's played out. And," I said, "there'll be some men--a couple of fellows coming in to take that horse out." I said, "They're bringing another horse in. And if you get down there, they'll give you a lift out." Well, he was discouraged, anyway. I said, "You'll make it all right down there. You Since 1914 H. H. Marshall Limited Corporate Head Office Halifax, N. S. 3731 Macintosh Street B3K 5N5 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS] OF PERIODICALS & BOOKS" J H. H. MARSHALL Founder and First President (1884-1923) H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND THE MANY PEOPLE WE SERVE. IT HAS GIVEN US OUR VALUED HERITAGE AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EXCITING FUTURE. BRANCH OFFICES CHARLOTTETOWN ST. JOHN'S SYDNEY H. H. Marshall LIMITED 103 York Street, Sydney (539-3220) DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOMED
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