Page 38 - A Visit with Trueman Clark, Gabarus
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
know the name of the other fellow now. They were getting ready to come down here for swordfishing. And they went to that island collecting wood, to burn in the stove. And they found him on the beach. (And that was about a month later.) Yeah. (Now when you came home, and you had to tell your mother that this had happened-- did your family live on hoping that he'd be found?) Oh, we never had any hopes. We dragged for quite awhile, 2 or 3 days out there with stuff. We couldn't hook him. We knew no more till we saw it in the paper-- saw where a man was picked up up there (in Little Dover). They gave the descriptions of what he had and what he wore, and all 'HBi''HH''Ha'HBM''iiH'H that. We an- 1swered it. So, J found out it was ??him.... BESS BOOKS AROUND 2ND HAND BOOKSTORE 825 GRAND LAKE ROAD across from Mayflower Mall near The Bay Entrance Mon. to Fri. 11-6 cc' OOOO Sat. & Sun. 12-4 OOi-OOOO (So then, did they bring him home, or did you go for him?) No, he was buried up there. He was pretty well dis? mantled anyway. He was buried up at Little Dover --the cemetery there, outside the fence. Out? side the cemet? ery fence, be- Joe's Warehouse The Food Emporium Cape Breton's Largest and Finest Restaurant Specializing in Aged Prime Cuts of Roast Beef and Steaks and One of tlie Most Unique Salad Bars in the Maritimes CABARET Live Entertainment Nightly! 424 Charlotte Street 539-6686 539-0408 RESTAURANT LOUNGE D BANQUET FACILITIES AVAILABLE D cause it's (Catholic)--he had nothing on him. He was a Protestant--he had to go outside the fence. At that time. Now they've got the fence out around him and all. But he had his wife's (beads). He was married, and his wife had died the year before that--and he had her beads. He had her beads in his pocket, till Saturday night. And he took them out, and when he went down the shore here to stop for the week, he had taken them out. (So he drowned without the beads.) Yeah. (He was a Presbyterian, you say?) No, I guess he was a Methodist. I don't know whether he ever turned Catholic or not, at that time. (So the cemetery--was it a Catholic cemetery?) Yes. (Oh, they weren't sure!) They weren't sure what he was, see. So he was buried outside. And then they extended the cemetery--that's the reason he got inside.... Not before they extended it out. (You were about 11 years old.) Yeah, around 11- or 12-year-old at that time. (Did you keep fishing yourself after that?) Oh yes, yes, I kept fishing. (Were there a lot of men around here lost fish? ing and sailing?) Well, there were a few. A few before I can remember, but after that--oh, what was there? Around that time there was another fellow drowned just out here from the shore apiece. And he was never found, not that I know. And then there was--I don't know what year it was now. There were 2 more fellows drowned out Guyon Island--lobster fishing. They went down and the boat went on top of a shoal-- they were hove out of her. There was an? other boat in, and he saw them, but he couldn't get neither one of them. (It's always men that drowned like that, isn't it? Were women ever drowned like that?) Well, to tell you the truth, at that time a woman wasn't allowed in a boat. If a woman went in a boat, I guess they'd burn 270 GEORGE ST. SYDNEY, N. S. B1P1J6 BRETON BEAUTY COLLEGE ' Locally owned & operated • Qualified MHI instructors Limited student enrollment • 8-month course Student aid available • Licensed by Province of N. S. ' U.i.C. sponsored program available ' Modem training facilities 3 enrollments a year: January, June, & September APPLY EARLY FOR OUR NEXT COURSE 562-1208 IIA 1 IN HOME llUtI HEATING • state of the art heating equipment • Trained heating technicians • Largest Fleet of Home Heating delivery vehicles • Ways to save you money • Budget Payment Plan • FREE Furnace Efficiency Tests IN SYDNEY CALL: STEVE BLUNDON I IRVING 567-3000 '''
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