Page 58 - Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows
ISSUE : Issue 62
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1
it's unbelievable. (But it's a lot of fun.) Yeah. Oh, fun! Did we ever look forward to that, you know, in those days. Why? Because you were kept so strict compared to today.... I remember my grandmother leaving home at Cap LeMoine in 1935, let's say--'34, '35. And walking to church. Two below zero. The ~ Our 22nd Year in Business ' Canso Realties Ltd. Box 727 Port Hawkesbury, N. S. BOE 2V0 • Phone (902) 625-0302 • We carry 300 listings of property for sale in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia, JIM MARCHAND (yh Mass was at 8 o'clock in the morning. Walk? ing 2 1/2 miles to church, with a sandwich --she had made herself a sandwich the night before--she had that in her pocket, so that after Mass she'd be able to eat that. You weren't allowed to eat after midnight. You were fasting from midnight until the next morning after you'd go to communion. You could only eat after that. So that sand? wich, when she took it out of her pocket, it was something like the ice that are com? ing in on the shore here on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. That sandwich was frozen. It wasn't soft bread any more. That's what I say, the sacrifices that were made in those days compared to now-- the teenagers and the younger children. My God, now during Lent they even have danc? es. Parties of some kind, and all that. And this mid-Lent festivity affair, com? pared to those days--now you go by car.... A wcxxl f ran the wise: Be Boat Smart Smart boaters know that a terrific boating season starts with more than just a new coat of wax. It means taking the time to make sure your boat is up to snuff from top to bottom. Breakdowns can quickly deteriorate into life-threatening situations. So keep the odds stacked in your favour by preparing your boat thoroughly, carrying a complete set of safety equipment, and knowing how to use it. The Coast Guard can help you prepare, by providing a host of information to help ensure your safety and peace of mind. Just call our toll-free Boating Safety Information Hotline at 1800 267-6687. Boating is fun...if you plan ahead. Like I was saying a little while ago, the scare? crows . When we had put up the three scarecrows, and that busload that was in the field, and people from about 10 other cars that were parked there. So we're going to take it from there, where that woman had told me, "Joe, never mind your gardening. Put up more scarecrows-- that's what we want to see." Well the first year we finished 11 off , I think we had around a doz? en. It was in '84. In '85 we were somewheres around 30. And '86, I had--I 11 think I was up to 46. And the peo? ple were coming, and they were coming. The first two years. The third year, at the end of the season I got van? dalism. And every one of them was demolished with the exception of one. The 45 were l'l (Canada
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