Page 3 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"
ISSUE : Issue 63
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1
I wasn't supposed to have a suit; supposed to be an overall.... I've often walked up to somebody in the showroom when I was selling cars. Start working on them, talking about the car, and the deal, and all the rest of it. "You're not half as stu? pid as you are when you've got the overalls on, are you!" They'd say something like this, you know! You know, I hope not! Allan chuckles. You weren't supposed to have a suit. Hughie and Allan were Hughie and Al? lan with overalls on. But oh, my, my, my. I saw them cry? ing, really. We'd walk out and start telling a story. "Don't that remind you of Uncle Danny?" Be digging the one next to them. You could hear them--they thought they were whispering. Oh, my God, this stuff. it was priceless, all I'm telling you.... I remember, that particular night that the one said, "That's not Allan --he's got a suit on." Afterwards, we changed our clothes and we started out the door. And before we got out to the car--John Campbell had a car out? side to take us up to his place, and we were going to go up there and have a little ceilidh and something to eat. Before we got to the car, we were going to go to 11 parties! Eleven different (invitations)--2 or 3 in a group would come over. "Here's our address. We're having a party tonight, now, and we want you to come up. And you're welcome to come." "Okay, we'd love to go up." Took all the papers with all the ad? dresses- -we were going to 11 parties! Al? lan chuckles. We weren't going to any. We were going up to John Campbell's and have a cup of tea and a sandwich, and go to the hotel and go to bed! But my God, we were well accepted. This sounds boastful, but I can't help thinking about it, the reaction we got from people. Well, it brought those people (home), you could tell them--I actually saw them cry? ing. It just took them right back home, you know. They saw Uncle Danny going to the barn, milking the cows, with this bucket going up to milk the cow. And they'd look Sf':' i'% at us with the old overalls o it took them right back home. They just- It makes you feel kind of good, when you think back, you know. That you just didn't go out--we weren't out there making fun of anybody. We were bringing something back to those people, that they'd probably been away for 20 years. And that just took them back home, or back to Uncle Rory's place, or somebody or other, you know. I always keep telling myself that--we did a lot of good, I think. Because--it's a great feeling to see a bunch of people-- you know, some places 200, some places 500, 700--laughing to kill themselves. Makes you feel pretty good. You know. Hardest part in the whole deal is when that big fellow went up and died on me. (When I was in the hospital,) Hughie used to come up and sit with me, 2 and 3 hours at a night. "Come on, get the hell out of here, boy, we've got a show to do!" Allan chuckles. Never a headache in his life. W'rld -wide Working together we gi I flights to more cities in Atlantic Canada, across the country, and around the world. AirCanada
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