Page 6 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"
ISSUE : Issue 63
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1
she had an apartment upstairs in Lloyd Maclnnes's house. And Lloyd--him and I ex? changed a couple of stories. I'd be going up to her apartment, and he was on the second floor, where he and his wife lived. And I'd say, "I heard a story today"--and this, you know, got on. Finally, it was, "Allan, how about coming on television some night?" Hughie MacKenzie and I started the Hughie and Allan deal. We _were in the same outfit in the ar? my and we just started firing stories back and forth. And the boys that were with us seemed to get a kick out of them. And then after awhile we were asked to stand up at con? certs and things they'd have in the army head? quarters. Our army functions they would have mw fAom Specializing in also STEAKS & CHOPS Fully Licensed Dining Room mmsssaassmsnm Sunday - Thursday: 4 PM to 12 AM Friday & Saturday: 4 PM to 3 AM for the boys. And then we started telling stories, and we came out of the army and--I was telling this to Lloyd Maclnnes one night. Lloyd was an old radio and televi? sion fellow here in Sydney. He wasn't old, he was at it a long time. And he said, "Come on up on television some night." This was the year after the television station opened here. CJCB station up the hill. And I went down to see Hughie and told him about it and he said, "Now, you just take an aspi? rin and go home and lie down. You'll be all right for awhile." I said, "No, he means it. He wants us to go up." So Lloyd kept persisting and Hughie finally gave in and he says, "Okay, what the hell," he said. "We'll go up and see." So that's where the overalls and old hats came in. We just figured that's what the old characters that we're gonna try to portray--we used to see them come to town with a horse and wag? on, and they all had overalls on to keep the suit clean. 'Cause they had to hitch the horse and all that sort of thing, and be around the wagon. The Heart of Your Visit: ymatrix' ESSENTIALS PERM FOR A CHANGE Bored with your hair style? Want a change? Soft waves? Bouncing body? Oodles of conditioned curls? Lots of options. A Matrix Essentials Perm can nnake the difference. A whole new look -a new you. 562-6212 STUDIO 1429 Hair Design * 76 Townsend St. * Sydney's Townsend Street Move your mortgage to us.. Talk to our Mortgage Specialists and find out why thousands switched to us. ROYAL BANK 582 George Street, Sydney "Serving Atlantic Canadians since 1869" ?? & X Local Bands I'IS'CLUB 110 TOWNSEND STREET • SYDNEY Entertainment Nightly & Saturday Afternoon Irish 'emvoCent Society ~ HEADQUARTERS ~ • rish Dancers Avai ab e for Events * *ft Fully Licensed 0 Stroll Townsend Street • from Sydney Harbour to Historic George Street 0
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