Page 11 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"
ISSUE : Issue 63
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1
the country. Everybody trying to raise money for somebody else. (And using Hughie and Allan to do it. Do you regret that?) No, no, no. I figure I might get a few marks on the wall myself for what we did for nothing. (Tell me about your mother.... How many kids were you?) Myself and two brothers. I was born right here in this house. August 20th. In those days the doctor was called and he came and most cases, in mine, I re? member my mother telling me I was born be? fore he got here. But he did whatever he had to do after that, and here I am, seventy- nine years later, still talking about it. She was Mary Gillis. She came from the Rear of Ben Eoin. And being's I'm talking about the Rear, my father came from the Rear of Creignish. So if I'm not from the Rear, I don't know who is! Laughter. (What was your father's name?) Hugh J. MacDougall, I think J. was for John. Like I said before, from the Rear of Creignish. You know, it's silly, all the things you think that you're going to do and you nev? er get around to them. I've done so many other things and now I think about things like that that I should've done. I drove buses for Mike Sullivan who later sold out to Acadian Lines. I worked for him driving buses, and I drove a bus up through Sydney See life as it was In Cape Breton during the Wth century. Nova Scotia Highland Village • MUSEUM • The Highland Village shows examples of dwellings built in Scotland, the first homes built with basic tools in Cape Bre? ton, as well as buildings that exemplify the settlers' firm foot? hold in the new land. More than half of the planned buildings are completed, and work goes on. Come see us grow. OPEN DAILY JUNE 15 to SEPTEMBER 15 MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 to 5 SUNDAY 11 to 6 The Highland Village Is located at lona on Route 223 which leaves the Trans-Canada (Route 105) about 7 miles east of , Whycocomagh. Route 223 is a scenic alternative paved route eastward to the Sydney area. "'Sand'y Highland Village Day . Yea r! // august ? • 32nd year of this festival ' ?? ''featuring traditional Scottish entertainment PHONE 725-2272 • FAX 725-2227 to Hawkesbury and down through Port Hood, Judique and all those places, through In? verness to Margaree Forks. And then turn around and come back the same way. It was 332 miles, the round trip. You did that every second day. And I think every day that I drove by that road that I used to see the sign. Rear of Judique, or Rear of Creignish, I'd say to myself, "Someday I must go up there and have a look at that place." And here I am, never went up. Told myself many, many times that I.... But I often think now that I'm sittin' around a lot. I was gonna go and just have a look at that piece of ground up there in the Rear of Creignish, but I never ever did. My mother's first child was a girl, but she died a couple of days after. And three boys. My dad died when I was two years The green hills of Cope Breton, the sporkling waters of the Bros d'Or Lokes and warm highland hospitality await you at The 'Highland '{eigfits Ititt A cozy retreat off the beaten track, but on the road to every? where in Cape Breton. Day trip to Fortress Louisbourg, beautiful Arichat or the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. Visit the Puffin Islands, explore sandy beaches, see a replica of a 19th century Scottish Village. Then return to your home away from home. iHe 'igfUatid'Heights Inn offers you a view of the Bros d'Or Lakes, private baths, two double beds in each room, and pleasant, relaxing surroundings plus a licensed dining room with a full menu of seafood and local dishes. Innkeepers Bruce and Sheila MacNeil TofUpi' p*toEfcfff See Cape Breton
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