Page 16 - "Is Your Father Dead Yet"? with Allan MacDougall of "Hughie & Allan"
ISSUE : Issue 63
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1
think that 90% of it is in how the story is told, because I have had people come and tell me a story and it didn't do a thing. But then after awhile I'd think about it and maybe adjust it a little bit or something and make it do for the next bash that I was doing. But I think it's a gift that a fellow has, same as being able to sing. I can't sing a note, but Hughie sang in his choir down at the Presbyterian Church, Brookland Street. Sang in the choir and had a terrific voice, but I could never sing. I don't know, I was al? ways interested in humour. Years ago when my mother was living, people would come to the house here, and most of the time they spoke Gaelic because she spoke Gaelic very well, but once in awhile they'd tell-- after playing cards for a little while or something--they'd be having a cup of tea and somebody'd come over with a story and I'd laugh to kill myself, and they used to turn around and look at me. But I always enjoyed it. I always, no matter where I heard a story, from anybody, and if it was really good I always said to myself, "I must remember that one." I heard Archie Neil Chisholm on radio the other day, and he's a great storyteller, and very much the same as what we did. The story is longer, you go into detail more in the Cape Breton story. And (television comedians) do it quick, you know, get the punch line out. I don't know if they try to get more stories in the time limit or if their stories are all short. But we, all Cape Bretoners, I think, that ever told a story, they go into all detail be? cause it seems to be the thing to do. For? tunately for us it worked.... I always found, I could be eating my sup? per, and not in the mood at all. You know, tired, probably had a bad day. and all the |Warm, Friendly Cape Breton Atmosphere Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Z' larlotte Breakfast & Lunch Specials Daily Street- Cat6 Also Full Menu • Veiy Reasonable Prices- 191 Charlotte Street, Sydney Fresh Baked Goods Daily 'jJvJWv'/'' . Phone:539-4111 l/ivtvl RCpte''"* * No structural changes rwiV?? • ? 'V t • No more painting lyiriU*''''* • Clean from inside '''/ft'f't'' FREE ESTIMATES rest of it. And I'd look at the watch, and Bertha'd say,"You've got to go down to the Forum. You've got to go here or there. Do you want to have a rest first, or some? thing?" Oh, she's been priceless, you know, the things she did and put up with. Me going 5. 6 nights a week. But I'd get in the car. I'd take some of those cards and glance through them. If I had some new stuff, I'd have it jotted down somewhere. I'd get one of those and fill it out; pick about 8 or 9 stories or something like that. Then I'm driving down the street in the car and I have that, and glance down at it, tell it to myself as I was going along.... Allan MacDougall Continues on Page 83 WE BUY AND WE SELL AND WE'RE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Sid's Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney 341 Welton St., Sydney SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON PRODUCTS LTD. Spot Repair J SYDNEY'S COMPLETE COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 539-2848 • 539-1033 61 BEECH • SYDNEY BIP 6R7
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