Page 47 - Leo Aucoin, Acadian Traditional Singer
ISSUE : Issue 63
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/6/1
Le Mariage (Le Lendemain des Noces) Le long de ce rivage De ce coulant niisseau (bis) J'ai entendu les petits oiseaux Disons dans leur langage Que Dieu b6nise les jeunes gens Qui se met en m6nage. Le jour de nos noces Quelle habit prendrons nous (bis) Nous prendrons 1'habit toute blanche Couleur de r6jouissance Aussi le chapeau de souci Le cardon de souffrance. Le lendemain des noces Fallu faire son paquet (bis) En regardant la porte Avec un grand regret Regret, regret, cent fois regret L'endroit de ma naissance J'ai tant eu du plaisir pour toi Et tant de r6jouissance. Le pfere dit k sa fille Quis qui vous a forc6 (bis) Quis qui vous la fait prendre Malgr6 votre volont6 Je vous I'avait t'y pas toujours dit Que dans le mariage Fallut bien prendre le souci Quitter le badinage. Oh! Adieu, p6re et mtre Frferes, soeurs et parents (bis) Je m'y mets en manage Ce n'est pas pour un an Ce n'est pas pour un an ni deux Ni pour une semaine C'est pour le reste de mes jours J'en ferez ma demeure. The Wedding (The Day after the Wedding) Along the shore From the running brook (again) I heard the small birds singing Saying in their own language That God should bless the young people Who get married. The day of our wedding What attire shall we wear (again) We'U wear all white The color of joy Also the veil of care The ties of suffering. The day after the wedding We had to pack (our bags) (again) While looking at the door With regret Regret, regret, one hundred regrets The place of my birth I've had such pleasure with you And so much joy. The father said to his daughter (again) Who forced you To have taken him Against your will Didn'11 always tell you That in a marriage You have to take the anxieties Leave the bantering Farewell, Mother & Father Brothers, sisters and parents (again) I'm getting together It is not for one year It is not for one year or two Nor for one week It's for the rest of my days That I take this way of life. 'V''twmdl Spend some time with us before or after your visit to the Fortress of LouisbourgI Sydney & HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE Louisburg Railway iUluseum 5 ?fe L Railway ran coal & passengers from 1895 to 1968. Visit our display of railroad & marine items, watercolours, 6 depictions of life in Louisbourg. OPEN June & Sept: 9-5 July & August: 9-7 6 Great Outlets Welcome You to HARBOUR CRAFTS Finest Selection of Quality Crafts in Cape Breton Island! Featuring Adantic Canada crafts including: • pewter reproductions • quilts • model wooden boats • maple products 'jamsAjelhes • kitchen accessories • jewellery • handknit sweaters • AND MORE! FACTORY OUTLET for HAND SEWN TEXTILE ITEMS produced across the courtyard by Louisbourg Craft Workshops 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM • 733-3233 • Top floor: Marconi Display niUlj • "For QuaUty & Value" • Featuring a wide variety of locally & internationally designed sportswear, from T's to fashion wear including jogging suits in all sizes. • BEST PRICES IN SOUVENIR SHIRTS IN NOVA SCOTIA • Factory Outlet: Louisbourg Craft Workshops SHIRTS & SPORTSWEAR 733-3233 • 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM MacIsaac's DIVING Service DIVE TOURS seven days per week • Air station • Equipment rentals • Accommodations and meal arrangements • Fully equipped dive boat • Supervised dives by Dive Master • Retail Dive Shop • Phone 733-3343 FRANK'S LOBSTERS World Famous Lobster! i J If For LUNCH: lobster rolls & fish chowder. ' In the EVENING: your choice of lobsters cooked just for you and served with Cape Breton potato salad and fresh baked rolls and butter The economical way to enjoy a feast from the sea. • Frank will cook for any size party and pack for beach patrol • Phone 733-2897 • 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM LOUISBOURG CRAFT WORKSHOPS A Line of SILKSCREENED ITEMS from Sportswear to Kitchenware. This manufacturing facility employs a number of local artisans. Textile Items in Cotton and Canvas are designed, cut, printed, & sewn on the premises. Quality handmade, environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices. 733-3233 Vacation in Louisbourg! C & J'S CAFE Drop in for a light snack or an ice cream treat. Relax and ei'oy: A serving of tea or coffee and homemade baking Homemade soups and sandwiches Yogurt, puddings, fresh fruit and a selection of cheeses Louisbourg oat cakes, muffins and pies & your favourite beverage. 30 Harbourfront Crescent LOUISBOURG, N. S. Bejiinninj; point f.)r HARBOUR WALKINC; TOURS the Louisl)()uri?? & District Phinnini' Comm
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