Page 3 - Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, & The Sinking of the Angelus
ISSUE : Issue 64
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1
jS.C. 709 in ice on the bar I mouth of Louisbourg Harbour SC709 encased in ice on the bar at the through there because it's got too much ice. (Louisbourg Harbour was iced over.) Well, partly, not solid. And then there was this swell coming in (over the reef). And the swell was breaking, coming around and breaking. And then it was coming in here in waves that were fairly sizeable but not storm waves, and then they'd curl. If you ever got into one of them or got under one of them and they'd curl in and you get in that water--you're dead, you know. How long do you live in that water? Three minutes. Anyway, Captain Jensen's idea was, that we would get these two dories which they locat? ed, and try and reach the wreck from here. Shorter, avoiding all this ice. Now the Louisbourg fishermen, after we had done the original (run)--we were the one who reached the boat. The Canadian Navy couldn't do it because of the (shallow) water there and they just couldn't do it. I was one of the two men in the first dory. In fact, I was the first man to get on that ship. The reason I'm absolutely clear about that is that when we got on the leeside of the boat, I took the oar and I hit the side--it was just one mouth of Louisbourg Harbour, January 1943 block of ice-- and then we could hear talk and voices in? side. And then they started to holler. We knocked down the ice--you could see through a glass--and then they opened the door and we got two men off. It was an Engineer Chief, I think, and somebody else. There were two men we took ashore, first trip second trip.. SC709 grounded on the bar And then we went back a Now, having done that, we had no knowledge of what was going on with the Louisbourg fishermen. (Okay, but take me back for a second. You've trucked your dories to Cemetery Point and-- > HRE & BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS C/W 24-HOUR MONITORING > COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE SYSTEMS > ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Wic ij'ucoin's Alarm, Telecom & Electrical "" • 171 Dorchester Street SYDNEY 539-8391 Anywhere In Cape Breton island brake service drums & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2& 4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes computerized engine analysis and tune up (DISCO TIRE only) SYDNEY - r'AMCA TIDE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 539-4070 UMIMOU llnllLTD. 625-3125
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