Page 7 - Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, & The Sinking of the Angelus
ISSUE : Issue 64
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1
boots and everything else on, and try and get some sleep--and either one of the sails would blow out and you'd have to go up in the (yard)arms in the sleet and the cold, or get to the pumps during the time you're supposed to be in bed sleeping. And this kept on being pretty rough going and pretty lousy until we finally got into it across the Gulf Stream. Still bumpy, but warm weather. And then we all started to get our health back and life was good. Captain Jensen was a very nice man. He was a little guy. But he was a good man.... And, all right, we got to Barbados and our boat didn't have any machinery--no engine. The only machinery was the alarm clock. No refrigeration. Nothing like fresh eggs or fruit or anything like that. Just pota? toes, potatoes, salt fish, salt beef, and potatoes. But anyway, since we had no ma? chinery they had to tow us into the (port) at Barbados. And then, it was an old-time sort of thing because we were unloaded by the stevedores who hadn't done this sort SROhoidwaie EROlDoidwarePS'liaidwaie M jPAIMPniA/ hccixiwca?' I The store houses the former J Rainbow Carpet Sales business, JI J includes all the old staff, and still K provides the first quality carpets, Pl| flooring & service that made it so well known for the last 20 years. For all carpet and flooring needs, see Rainbow's friendly staff. ?? WDRAPERYLOFrm ?? Mon-Tues-Sat: 8 am - 5 pm Wed-Thur-Frl: 8 am - 8 pm 2aPMproq:i{['gJ2a'' ?? of thing for years. And they got into their West Indian songs; you know, when they're working, they're singing. And they unloaded us by hand. Then there was a pe? riod when the harbour masters, and so on, got together with the captain and said that with all that leaking they wanted the boat recaulked. So there was a period of caulking done. And then we loaded barrels of rum and glasses for Halifax. And then we started back home. And it was still cold, it was not mid-summer. We sailed, had excellent going until we started to get into the cold weather having crossed the Gulf Stream. And then one morning, the watch on deck heard a shot. And it was a U-boat over there which had fired a warning shot. So we all tumbled out. Couldn't see what it was, really. And eventually this--oh, what we're looking at fired another couple. Straddled us. In other words, stay there. And she kind of motored in and there was the swastika flying with the German flag ''' '' didn't have any doubts, then, what it was. She stopped about a quarter of a mile away. And Captain Jensen said. "Well, they're apparently going to shell us so we better get off." We went down to the submarine. (You sailed toward it.) We rowed in a lifeboat. Yeah, we left the Angelus there. We had all our sails up and we just rowed over. (Was there a com? mand to do this, or did he just recog? nize that was the thing to do?) Our captain decided that. Because he said if we stayed, maybe the next shell is going to hit us, start kill? ing us . So we went down to the submarine, the whole crew, every? body, in one life? boat. Tumbled in. Captain Jensen and his dog. And we-- when we got along? side the submarine-- these young Nazis were bringing out belts of ammunition and loading up ma- Whether you're a do-it-yourself type or a professional. Rainbow PRO Hardware has just what you're looking for. The PRO net? work includes hundreds of stores across Canada and over 30,000 items to choose from. Complete line of paint & accessories, electrical, plumbing, tools, nuts & bolts, lighting, housewares, and seasonal supplies. For all your drapery needs visit the beautiful Drap? ery Loft. Located above the main floor in a private and comfortable atmosphere where all your decorat? ing ideas can ''''' become a reality. See our '''01'''' new line of roller shades. ''''''''' ''' y''' '' have goose- '' j''''' ''L down duvets. Ask about them 'Trm''k. m'ew "feather-bed." 721 Alexandra Street Sydney, N.S. 564-5818
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