Page 10 - Capt. Walter Boudreau's Story: Louisbourg Rescue, 1943, & The Sinking of the Angelus
ISSUE : Issue 64
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/8/1
in a bathtub hundreds of miles from any? thing- -and nothing but the strength in your arms to get you....) No, we weren't going to try and row because you couldn't row several hundred miles. And the boat only had about two oars anyway. So there was no ques? tion of rowing. We just hope somebody sees us and, mean? while, we'll waddle along with this old sail as best we can. We knew we were go? ing in the right di? rection- -because Captain Jensen, he didn't bring any navi? gational instruments, but any seaman is able to look at Polaris, the North Star, and figure that America's gotta be over there somewhere, you know. You can head there or you can head there, you're going to get to America sooner or later. IMMEDIATELY THE SHELLING STARTED. The first one went over, the second fell short, the third took away the foremast. Another blew the galley off the stern. Then the shells began to thud into the hull, and the rapid-fire gun joined in with a clatter. The old barkentine began to smoke. When we left her that morning she had all sail on. Now most of these were burning fiercely. It was a sad sight. Soon she took a list to starboard and slowly went down by the head. The last we saw of her was the union jack on the mizzen.... Evening brought more wind and a solid drizzle of cold rain which made us miserable. So ended May the nineteenth.... few minutes, when the storm came up. (Okay. You continue.) Well, the big storm came up. It started with swells that were so big. They were just--especially when you're in a lifeboat--just about this far from the water, a swell forty feet high can look like a bloody mountain. Not breakers--big, big rounded swells. No danger from them. It was just swells from a disturbance, probably, somewhere else in the Atlantic. That al? ways happens at sea, you get swells. (But no danger from that?) Well, a lifeboat or even a small yacht can go through gigantic swells, but it's only when they break that you get in trouble. (What was the conversation....) Oh, every? body was scared. We were scared. But we all were confident that we would be picked up. We told ourselves that anyway. (Did you stop and pray?) No. (Anything like that?) Well, that's going to come up in a Welcome to Baddeck! * We take pride in our longstanding reputation for fine quality and friendly service. 't' tor fii Gift Shop So we were wondering about these swells-- what's causing it? And we suffered from cold quite a bit. We were not properly dressed. I mean, it's just like you jumped over the side with what you have on or less. And we were all dressed up in any old crazy thing that you could find to wrap around you. So this big storm came after the swells, and I believe we were approaching George's Bank. But the wind started to pick up, and it about a minute's drive EAST of the BELL IVIUSEUM on ROUTE 205 along beautiful BADDECK BAY 295-2786 A charming Vicmrian House TELEGRAPH HOUSE in the heart of BADDECK, where you will find gracious dining in an elegant setting. A truly delightful Maritime Scottish Breakfast, Businessman's Lunch, and Daily Dinner Specials. Children's Orders as well. Open Every Day of the Week • Fully Licensed Dining Room Relax in the warmth of open fires, stroll at your leisure thm this historic house where courtesy and hospitality have been a tradition for over 100 years. A place to free the soul. Inquire About Our Weekend Room Rates • CALL 295-9988 kept on picking up, and it kept on picking up. Cap? tain had us put out a sea anchor, which is a canvas cone with oil in it. It didn't do any good. The sea anchor was to keep us heading into these, because the swells are stop? ping and now they're starting to turn into waves. Big roar from a breaking top of a wave, you know, a hell of a sound. And the storm kept build? ing up, building up, building up .... Wind. And "Experience a New World of Shopping" A collection of Maritime handcrafts, Canadian pine, woolens, folk art, country clothing, gifts and accessories. Major Credit Cards Accepted A Cape Breton Country Store OPEN DAILY (902) 295-2868 Chebucto Street Baddeck Yellow Cello Cafe 's' ' Bakery Pizza .'Z 295-2303 #
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