Page 14 - Discovery on Ingonish Island, 1975
ISSUE : Issue 14
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1
the contemporary Micmac?) No, we can't say we're confident. How far Micmacs des? cend back is soraething the Union is very interested in from the point of view of their land claims. I would be favourable to the idea of a very lengthy time for the Algonkian-speaking people to have been in here • of which the iMicmac are associated. As archaeological work in? creases in North America we are finding that you can make long, long terra con? nections. At least this site at Ingonish fills a gap. We knew aboujt Debert at 10,000 years ago. iVe have a couple of John Erskine sites • ceramic sites • dating in the last 2000 years. We had a site at Gasperaux Lake of which nothing has been published but there are sorae artifacts in the provincial museura. Then there was a large gap you see between 5000 B,C, and 10,000 B,C, years ago, I see this site as being extreraely iraportant because it fills this tirae gap. It's one of very few sites that has this quantity of raaterial in it. I think it will reraain one of the raost ira? portant sites in Nova Scotia pre-history. It'll rank along with Debert and a couple of others. The best scenario T could envision for the island would be for the governraent to take sorae interest in it. I see much raore there than just archaeology. It's sufficiently important and. of interest to all people of the province. I would like to see some sort of interpretation centre set up-.'to display some of this material. Also, across the bay there's a French out? post. It's also a place where just thou? sands of gulls were hatching out • all spring. And it's a beautiful bird sanctu? ary. It's an unspeakably beautiful island. r Ihe centre photo shows part of the crew digging the site at Ingonish Island. In the foreground is a sraall portion of the nearly two tons of stone knives and points they found. Knives don't change rauch across the years and are thus poor indicators of chronology. Projectile points are excellent indicators. The one to the left is a fluted, Clovis-like point, about 8000 vears old. The four pictured at the right are of the Archaic Period Cthat is. before potteryj • about 6-7000 vears old. Evidence was found indicating continuous occupation until about 500 A.D. Working with Dr. Nash that summer were Stephanie Paterson? Leonard Buckles, Susan Killen. Barbara Googoo. Ken Prosper. Alan Googoo, Gary Paul. Tom Christmas and Lloyd Ginish. CHICKEN CHALET jrfed 4 outlets to serve'you- Blowers St, North Sydney Sydney Shopping Centre, Prince SL Steriing Road, Glace Bay CwB. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River 794-3534 564-6322 849-M89 Qualified Dispensers Always in Attendance OWL DRUG STORE D. I. MacDonald, Prop. Your Northside DOROTHY GRAY DISTRIBUTOR Convalescent and Sick Room Supplies Sales & Rental Drug Sundries and Cosmetics P.O.Box 125 794-3611 North Sydney Tlways at your service
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