Page 3 - With Evelyn Smith, Wreck Cove
ISSUE : Issue 65
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1
Annie Mae, Margaret, and Evelyn; child: Ian MacDermid and feed herself. Not dress herself--she had to have help getting dressed. And then that was--my father got a car in 1930. And she went out quite a bit. She went to church, you know, we'd help her in and out of church. And she went visiting some. But it was hard, (When people spoke to her, you imagine she understood.) Oh. yes. yes. And you can ask anyone who would remember her. Everyone thought highly of her because she was al? ways bright and cheerful, didn't dwell on --but she cried easily, I think maybe that had something to do with the stroke, too. She cried easily. No wonder. I guess, but,,,. She had a lot of joy, and gave others joy, too, (Was she read to?) Oh, yes. Oh, all of us did. Not so much the newspapers; I don't think she'd be interested in that. But I remember one thing. My brother Danny was out in Kirkland Lake then. And he didn't write us often, maybe, as she would like for him to have written. But I still re? member when the letters came. We'd sit down and we'd read the letter to her. And sometimes the letter would be more direct? ed to my father. You know, about current events and politics and all this. You know Danny--he'd write maybe 3 or 4 (pages)--it was a typewritten letter. But she'd want the letter. And you'd see her taking out the letter after awhile and looking at it. And she'd have the letter in her pocket for a few days afterwards. Be? cause the letter meant a lot to her, (Was she able to read?) No. I don't think she could read, I don't believe she could read, no, I'm trying to think--I believe she could sign her name. It was her left hand that was-- which side affects your speech? (I don't know.) Oh yeah, there's one-- either one side or the other. But that hand and that leg. Oh. the hand was withered and useless, really. If it was today, Ron, at 48, she would be walking and talking. Therapy would have done a whole lot for her, (I think you're quite right. So, al? though she's your mother, she played no role in training you, even to the simplest things of how to be good, how to be pretty, how to be bad. Nothing,) No. nothing, (She had no stories that she could share with you.) No. no. (And of course, she couldn't sing.) No. She could sing a little bit--that's what was strange about it. There's a hymn--and that's why my father had a whole lot of copies print? ed . And he wanted it put in our church. And I don't know if that--I don't think that was done. But an3rway--"Sowing in the Morn? ing," And she'd sing the chorus, which was repetitious: "Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves; we shall come re? joicing, bringing in the sheaves," And she could sing that so that you could under? stand it. It's easier to sing than it is to speak, if you have a speech problem, (And it would be in English,) In English, yeah. And my father, everyone knew him as Sandy, so she said. "Handy," And Annie Mae. she said, "Av Ay." But my name she didn't, be? cause I guess it was harder--Evelyn, you know. It was just very few words that she mastered at all. DR. LOCK Cape Breton's Leading Locksmiths 473 Townsend St. (behlndthe Provincial BIdg.) 562-4556 HOTELS & MOTELS.. _'___ now requires DEADBOLTS on all rooms. We have special off-season deals includ? ing exclusive keying arrangements to make this transition to better guest security. Prices start as low as $49.75 per door, labour & taxes included. • Our MasterKey systems are legendary.... Exclusive keyblanks, keyways & keying systems including computer gener? ation of system & computer management of clients' keys. Call for a no-obligation demo! brake service drums & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2& 4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes computerized engine analysis and tune up (DISCO TIRE only) SYDNEY LTD. 539-4070 CANSO TIRE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 625-3125
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