Page 44 - Venie's Letters to Her Dad, 1898
ISSUE : Issue 65
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1
Cape Breton's Magazine, ISSUE 69:
• Wilfred Creighton and the Expropriations, 1936: A Talk about Buying Up Farms for the National Park (with Photos of Homes that Were in Cap Rouge and Big Intervale) • A Voyage Diary—Cape Breton to New Zealand, 1857-58 • From Visits with Kay Currie—A Journal and Conversations • Billy James MacNamara: A Few Short Tales • From "Hallowed Timbers: The Wooden Churches of Cape Breton" • Hilda Mleczko: Keeping Love's Record Alive • "The Glace Bay Miners' Museum"—from Sheldon Currie's Novel plus Photos from the Movie "Margaret's Museum" • George Leonard and the Family Fish Business
Cape Breton's Magazine