Page 45 - Venie's Letters to Her Dad, 1898
ISSUE : Issue 65
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1
She is now so tired she can hardly push one foot ahead of the other, but she must go out and with my help get all the different broods into their different barrels, as she has just finished feeding them for the last time tonight. Then she must go to the barn and look after some chickens that are com? ing out. She has 3 hens set on hen eggs and the chickens were peeping under one this morning. It is now quarter past 7. After that she has sponge (for bread) to set and the beds to make. That is only a sample of what it is like every day. Don't you think she has reason to be tired and worn out? You may ask what are we do? ing. Well the girls after coming from school have gone out to the pasture to pick berries for Mama, as that is about all she can eat. (School was held in July, so that August and September were holidays and family helped harvest crabs.) And what about my humble self? Well, after helping Ma in with all the quacking torments and bringing water, I must hunt up the cow and milk her. Then I think we will all be very thankful to go to bed. The $5.00 you sent me for tuning the pia? no, we were compelled to use. I will give you a list of all I can remember, except postage and collection (church) money. Pair of boots. Pair of blinds. Paint. Codfish. Meat. Whiting. White wash brush. Paint brush. This is all except some items I can't remember. Ma re? ceived MacKay's bill for the wag? on. She would like to pay him as soon as possible. I would like you to send me enough to tune the piano, as we have now got it moved. Lennie is still getting lessons from Emmie MacKinnon and Ma sends her eggs every week to pay for them. Emmie is eating and drinking all she can of them, and taking strengthening medicine. P. S. Heard today there was a registered letter in the office. We will get it when this is mailed. Will be glad to get it as we are much in need of it. Venie's letters end here, in the family history, Jean Carmi? chael MacDonald • Venie's daughter • wrote: A few years after this Catherine Armstrong died, I think of T.B. or perhaps chronic anemia. Venie had finished her schooling Grade 10 at that time. She went to St. Joseph's hospital to train as a nurse. This was the Not long ago Mr. Moseley took sick in the post office and died after a few days of intense suffering. His death bed must have been a sad one, as it is said his son went from one faint into another. Mr. Forbes conducted his funeral service but did not hold out a shadow of a hope for his safety. Times appear duller in Sydney than ever. Uncle Kenneth says it is well for those who did not buy property there when there was hope of the Iron Works. He thinks it will be almost starvation by winter. The Jost Brothers made an assignment last week. Your loving daughter V. Armstrong A MELTING POT OF ETHNIC FLAVOURS Home-Cooked Meals • Daily Specials from Irish Stew to a Juicy Steak or a Light Snack Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed 7 am - 10 pm • Thu-Fri-Sat 7 am - Midnighl Fully Licensed * Credit Cards Accepted WELTON PLAZA • SYDNEY • 567-2177 CjT Senior Citizens Secretariat '''41 4th Floor, Dennis BuUding, 1740 Granville Street • P.O. Box 2065, Halifax, N.S. • B3J 2Z1 Phone 424-4737 or 424-4779 or 424-5329 or 424-4649 or 424-6322 HELP IS JUST A TOLL-FREE CALL AWAY One of the widely-used services offered by the Senior Citizens' Secretariat is that provided through the toll-free telephone line for seniors and persons who care for their needs. Our staff is trained to provide the answers to many of the questions that concem seniors, including those about pensions, home care services, community volunteer groups, home maintenance, housing and health. Moreover, our staff knows where to turn for answers to inquiries about problems with which they might not be totally famihar. It's a no-cost help Une and information service established specifically for our older citizens, their famiUes and their caregivers. We've devised a telephone number to match our mandate: For (4) twenty-four hour (24) service at no charge (00) to persons 65 years and over (65). When the bracketed numbers are put together they read 424-0065. That's us • easy to reach, easy to remember. Dial 1-424-0065 if caUing from points outside the HaHfax area. I'UVd OUUllcl Province of Nova Scotia Hon. James Smith, Chairman The Senior Citizens' Secretariat
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