Page 56 - Celebrating The Iona Ferry & The Opening of the Grand Narrows Bridge
ISSUE : Issue 65
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/1/1
The lona Ferry" continued from inside front cover Like a thousand ants on a raisin, The ferry's deck was a-saggin', With pulp trucks and chevys, It was very top heavy. Topped off with a black horse and wagon. Well there must have been ninety MacDonalds, And a Jessome or two from Bras d'Or, Riverside Cleaners Cape Breton's Only Drive-Thru DryCleaning KINGS ROAD • SYDNEY Lowest Drycleaning Prices in Town! Centre 200 200 ADMINISTRATION 564-2200 CENTRE LINE 539-1100 I Credit Cards: Box Office 595-2130 OILERS FINERY 481 George St., Sydney • 564-8171 Official Souvenir Shop for the Cape Breton Oilers OPEN MON-SAT 9-5 PM There were Boudreaus and Steeles, Crowded in by MacNeils, Of which there were eighty or more. There were Rosses, MacKays and MacKinnons, And even an Orangedale MacLean, Who under his breath. Swore to his death, From now on he'd ride on the train. There was a Lewis and a lanky Maclsaac, Whose Volkswagen hung like a plimi, And with a box of spaghetti, A short Spagnolatti, Where ever the hell he came from. Cape Breton was well represented, To every child, woman and man, And Indians too, There were quite a few, Packed in a bright yellow van. Well there must have been thousands of passengers. And a communist handing out copies, And a man from South Bar, From the roof of his car, Made eight hundred bucb selling poppies. In an instant the calm was all over, And suddenly hell had them trapped. As the winds whipped the sea, Till the ferry was free, For the cables and ropes had all snapped. In a boat load of screams and of terror, They called on the priest who then knelt. And amid all the cries. Two Waterford guys, Stayed in their truck cleaning smelts. The sea simply flung walls of water, The ferry would dip and then dodge. Now and then they could see, As the ferry did flee, Fading lights of the old Barra Lodge. NOW WE'RE TWICE AS GOOD FOR CAPE BRETON 403 Charlotte Street • SYDNEY (next to the Y.M.C.A.) Call 539-7827 (SUBS) AND NOW ALSO AT 1102 King's Road • SYDNEY RIVER Call 567-1499 'UB
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