Page 15 - How to Make Snowshoes
ISSUE : Issue 2
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1
When you run 45-46, double hitch it leav? ing enough space on the bow for double hitch 49. 46-47 weaves every strand a- cross, and you weave from now to the end, 51. At 51 you begin reinforcing the Toe Space. Wind the lacing round and roimd the Mainstay from 50 toward loop 38, then up over the beam on top of 38, under beam and up around Mainstay, over 38 again, down, under and up • then wind around fill? ing between Mainstay and 3-4 on strand 38-39, a few turns on 3-4, a few on 37- 38 between Mainstay and 3-4. Make a half- hitch and cut the line. Half your Toe space is reinforced, giving a model for the other half. You will see that you have also made a strong place for ham- ness straps to go through, t ''-=' U' Take a 12" stick and notch one end (see drawing), and fit notch over one side of Bow and jam other end in at other side- to keep widest part of shoe 12" after the rawhide dries. Whittle two sticks about 1/2" to 3/4" and put one in each harnness hole to keep them open. Let it all dry a few days and you have a dandy pair of snowshoes. DOOSLff Hn-cH ri j ' Yoo CAN use ft TR.eG WITH KNOTS so uoMG- 's one qui'rKrefK. vs deAR; 'a MERCURY LINCOLN Our thanlts to Malcolm MacLeod. A<=>iivipLr HARoesi-.socKsWifci op'''optf iTEEl SALES LTD. 564-5401 SYDNEY While visiting Cape Breton and in Inverness Co. Be sure to visit one of your Pioneers ROBIN'S Now 206 Years Old ROBIN, JONES 8c WHITMAN, LIMITED Cheticamp, N.S. 224-2022 Inverness, N. S • 258-2362 Better Health Centre 436 Charlotte St. Sydney 2 Stores Down from Canadian Tire We have a Large Range of Health, Vegetarian, Special Diet & Diabetic Foods HERBAL REMEDIES Natural Vitamins Food Supplements Natural Cosmetics STONE GROUND FLOURS & CEREALS Postal Orders Accepted Bulk Rates Available BETTER HEALTH CENTER is the Authorized Dealer for Health Supply Centre & Vita Health Co. Ltd. k General Nutrition Canada Ltd & other Natural Health Food Companies. Cape Breton's Ma'azine/15
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